Gerard Piqué at El Mundo Magazine

Here are some excerpts from the article on Gerard Piqué that appeared in this Sunday’s El Mundo Magazine.  It appears that they went through his autobiography Viaje de ida y vuelta, found some anecdotes, and got his opinion on them, as well as on the upcoming game between Barcelona and Madrid.  So, here are the parts about his life and the national team.

Blanes, Aug. 2, 1988.  The ball escaped from his hands and headed towards the terrace.  The 17-month-old baby ran after the ball.  His grandmother was watching the pot on the stove.  There was work being done on the house, and some of the railings weren’t in place.  And the baby, in his chase after the ball, fell into space, hitting his head against the ramp of the garage.  An ambulance was called, people cried and the child was in a coma for several hours.  But after 24 hours, he woke up.

– My grandmother was the one that was most frightened, because she was the one taking care of me at that moment.  But she’s gotten past it, thanks to God.  Imagine if something had happened to me!  There weren’t any negative consequences from the incident.  We’ve talked about it at home several times, but I don’t remember it at all.  I always asked about it because I’m curious as to what happened that day…

Gerard began playing in his cole, La Salle, in the neighborhood where his grandparents lived, Bonanova.  He was always the tallest one in the classroom.  And the blondest.  At the age of seven, his father signed him up for the Torneo Social which was played on several fields adjoining those of Barça, and in which the teams have the names of Catalan rivers.  Geri played for Team Anoia with a lilac shirt and shorts.

– I remember things from the age of five on, such as the World Cup in the U.S. and the Olympic Games in Barcelona.  We also watched the final in Wembley at home.  From school, I remember my great friend Pedret.

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of his biggest supports during his time in England.

– I get along very well with him.  We talked a lot.  He already liked Spain a lot back then, and he was always interested in news about Madrid, Barcelona, how the Liga was going.  Three years ago we were in Manchester and tomorrow we’re playing the derby.

Piqué’s also become a fixture on the Spanish national team.

– There’s no debate over who I will play with, Spain or Cataluña, because at the moment only Spain is officialized.

And of course, the derby is being played one day after Cataluña’s elections.

– I hope we’ll be able to minimize the effect of the crisis as much as possible, to put the brakes on it and begin to grow.  Here, you live very well.  You have to continue to make sure people are comfortable, that they don’t feel defenseless.

Geri collaborates with several charitable organizations, including Talita, Ánima, Unicef and Barcelona’s foundation.

His cousin Montse has Down’s Syndrome.  His goal in the Bernabéu in 2009 was dedicated to her: as soon as the ball entered the net, he started running and then pulled at the corner of his eyes so that they became slanted (i.e. Chinese eyes – se achinó los ojos).

– I did it for her.  She likes it a lot and she laughs every time she sees me do that, because I always do this gesture when we see each other [not cool, Piqué, not cool at all.]

– those who have Down’s Syndrome are full of this mixture of innocence, tenderness and naughtiness.  I know Vicente [del Bosque]’s son and he’s a real crack.  They never see any problems and they’re always with you in the best and worse moments.  My cousin Montse has always been a lesson of life for me, seeing how happy she is.

One. Salary.  He has a contract until June 2015 and his buyout clause is €200 million.  His salary is around €3 million a year.

Two. Trophies.  At the age of 23, he’s won 11 club titles, in addition to a World Cup with the Spanish national team.  He’s the youngest player in history to achieve this.

Three. Marketability.  He’s the image of watch brand Time Force and Príncipe Double Choc cookies.  He also has a long-term contract with Nike.

Four. Career.  He played with Manchester United, but his goal was always to triumph in the club where he grew up, FC Barcelona.

Five. Fashion.  He’s done some photo shoots with complete ease.  Pepe Reina called him “the dandy of the national team.”

Six. Hobbies.  He loves El Canto del Loco and Dani Martín, in addition to Rihanna.  He vacations in Ibiza and Cambrills (Tarragona).

Seven. Personal life.  He maintains his friendships from his childhood and his girlfriend is Núria Tomas.  He laughs when asked about his alleged affair with Shakira.

Eight. Facebook.  He created his profile on the social network a few months ago and now has half a million friends.  He usually posts and uploads photos almost daily.


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  1. He is just perfect!

  2. Brilliant, thanx una..!!! LoL on “He laughs when asked about his alleged affair with Shakira.”

  3. So he started as he meant to go on, cracking his skull even as a baby! This explains a lot. :D

  4. i bet his girlfriend gets a kick out of the whole thing Ibra … then Shakira… & of course you can 4get is bromance w/ Cesc … Puyi … & even Bojan… << i wonder how his girlfriend feels about those "affairs" *lol* … thanx 4 putting it up keeping us informed like always :)

  5. what a hottie, the pic is perfect. have you seen the new Nike ad with him? Gorgeous.

  6. I have been following your blog since the World cup champion night and I appreciate your posts a lot.
    Thank you very much for posting them in English so I can understand those I can’t in Spainish or Catanluna.
    And your post has always been a reliable source of stories of LA ROJA.

  7. Oh, his cousin Montse — we’ve seen her before! Geri brought Bruno Oro (Crackovia Cris, Crackovia Villa & Crackovia Zlatan) to her birthday party! I’m sure it made her happy (and made him happy to see her happy) :-)

    You know, as a Chinese person, I actually will cut him all sorts of slack about his “achinarse los ojos”, even though *in general* it’s “not cool”, because in this particular case, it’s not a racial thing. Down’s kids classically have eyes like that (that slant out & up), and it’s probably something he started doing when she was a kid, to say “hey look, now I look like you too!” He’s identifying with her, as a way for them to feel closer to each other, and it’s an in-joke that makes them both laugh. Not something that’s disrespectful to Asians, or even something they’re doing to mock other disabled people.

    Facebook is fine and all, but Geri really needs to get on twitter. His besties are already on it! That’s what social networks are all about!

    • agree with u about the slanted eyes thing. it depends on the motive and i don’t think pique had any motive for alluding that to asian eyes…plus, people with down’s syndrome generally have eyes that resemble the slant-eyed look. also, it is usually a kiddish gesture….like a funny face. if pique meant anything racially by it, i would be very shocked.

  8. I’m sure that his PR people hope that the rumors about Shakira (or that ‘girlfriend’ who’s always MIA) will quash the gay rumors.

    it’s transparent as cellophane.

    I still love you PK.

  9. I wonder when are journalists going to start asking him questions about something other than what he wrote in his book… Or is it that he ruined everything for interviewers with “Viatge”?

  10. i’m with him on rihanna. “what’s my name” is looped on my playlist at the moment. jay-z’s a genius.

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