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now more than ever: con La Rojita!

We may have taken a step backwards towards our medal aspirations with the loss to Japan on Thursday, but I have complete confidence that our boys will go into Sunday’s game with even more hunger, desire and determination.  Meanwhile, on Friday, the entire Spanish delegation was looking quite sharp (surprising given the other clothes that Bosco designed for us, which we’ve already seen) at the opening ceremony.  I like the hat, the belt and the shoes.

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ready to go for the gold!

London, here we come!  Or rather Glasgow, since that will be Spain’s first stop in these Olympic Games, as La Rojita will take on Japan on July 26 at Hampden Park in its first game of the Games.

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ICYMI – Spain vs. Serbia

May 26, 2012 / Day 6 – Spain vs. Serbia, friendly, 2-0.

Well, that wasn’t the most exciting game, and I’m hoping it’s because the players are saving their best for the actual tournament, no?  Although it’s hard for Iker, Juanfran and David Silva to be more adorable than they were in these moments…

Hopefully Sergio got a kiss in as well!

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day 3 – first full day in Schruns

May 23, 2012.

La Roja continued preparing for its upcoming friendly against Serbia, with two training sessions on Wednesday.

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catching up!

It’s really been forever since my last post, not counting the one yesterday about the Eurocopa preliminary list.  I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post, but I had been collecting bits and pieces from here and there over the last several months in anticipation of a post that I didn’t get around to, until today.  Will you accept Xabi Alonso modeling for Hugo Boss Fragrances as an apology?

More Xabi here.  By the way, my second post of this blog two years ago (this one is post #912!) was dedicated to Xabi and Hugo Boss (plus Cesc and David Villa).  Anyway, more perfect people inside the post…

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missing La Roja?

It’s been too long since we’ve had a post, no?  Or maybe I just wanted to keep half-naked Javi (!!!) up there on the top of the page.  Anyway, there’s been a bit of La Roja news in the past week, both team and player news, so here’s a compilation!

FER, JAVI (!!!), SANTI & HUGO: This technically has to do with clubs, but you can see where the La Roja connection comes in.  Prior to this past week’s Liga match between Málaga and Athletic, Santi Cazorla, Fernando Llorente, Javi Martínez (!!!) and Hugo Camarero were seen joking around on the field of La Rosaleda.

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ICYMI – Spain vs. Liechtenstein

In case you missed it – Spain vs. Liechtenstein [2011-09-06, Euro 2012 qualifier, 6-0].

We did it!  We qualified for next year’s Euro and will be defending our title in Poland and Ukraine!  On Tuesday night in lovely Logroño, Spain scored six goals as they beat Liechtenstein, and Thiago made his debut and tied his future to Spain.  Spain has earned 18 points out of a possible 18 in qualification.

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spotlight on… Fernando Llorente

UPDATED with another interview/test, with bonus Álvaro Domínguez!

With la selección playing in La Rioja, all eyes were on their native son, Fernando Llorente.  Also very much in demand was the Llorente family, as Cuatro and TVE visited them to get their thoughts on this special event.  And TVE forever has my gratitude, because they also decided to get Javi’s (!!!) opinion.  So, let’s start with Silvia Barba.  By the way, I love Fernando’s voice, and his very sunny personality.  And when he and Javi (!!!) are together…

Silvia headed to Rincón de Soto to speak with Isabel and Fernando (Senior), Fernando Llorente’s parents, before returning to Logroño to speak with Javi (!!!) and Fernando himself.  There’s bonus Javi (!!!) at the end, since his family also came to visit him.  I know this clip is supposed to be about Fer, but Javi (!!!) stole the show for me with his adorable answer, his laugh, his affection towards his nephew (or cousin or something else, I’m not sure, but I do like the thought of Uncle Javi!!!) and his cheekbones.  Watch the video here.

SB:  we would like to present Isabel and Fernando.  They’re not the Cathlolic Monarchs, but rather Fernando Llorente’s parents.  Twenty-six years ago, he was born in this house which is being renovated now [note: Fernando was actually born in Pamplona].  Here is where a world champion grew up.

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