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quote of the day – Vicente del Bosque


– Vicente del Bosque, when he was asked on “El Larguero” last night whether he’d shave off his mustache if Spain won the Eurocopa.  He added, “I’m an athlete and athletes are risk-takers, but not to the point where I would bet my mustache.”

one year later – Juan Mata at EFE, plus other bits

Continuing with this blog’s celebration of the one-year anniversary of Spain winning the World Cup (my skin has been permanently goosebumped all day remembering all these moments)…

Juan Mata

(PF) Juan Mata gave an interview to EFE.

It’s been one year since the greatest moment a footballer can experience.

Without a doubt.  Twelve months since the biggest success that you can achieve, since becoming world champions, since experiencing moments that no one in Spain will ever forget, since a ton of experiences that made you grow.

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one year later – Iniesta, VDB & Iker at Marca

Meanwhile, Marca has interviews with Andrés Iniesta and Vicente del Bosque, as well as an article on Iker Casillas, in their World Cup coverage.  Hearing these men talking about those special moments has made me very emotional.

Andrés Iniesta

The original interview can be found here.

The name of Andrés Iniesta will always be linked to the history of the World Cup.

That’s the reality.  I’m proud to have been part of this history, and to have lived and enjoyed such a historic moment.

What has changed?

I’ve changed on the outside, but on the inside, I’m still the same.

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one year later – Xavi, Busquets & Piqué at El País

El País has dedicated several pages in today’s edition to commemorating Spain’s World Cup win one year ago.  They have a piece written by Gerard Piqué, an interview with Sergio Busquets and another little piece on Xavi.  The best part – always – is finding out behind-the-scenes information on how the boys spent their time off the field, as well as the little anecdotes that took place on the field.

Gerard Piqué

Let’s start with Gerard Piqué’s piece, which is entitled “Welcome messages.”

Vicente del Bosque was always a leader for us.  From the first day, he made it clear: “were going to spend a month together (he said a month, what was already a sign) and the most important thing is that there is a great atmosphere.”  At the same time, he proved insensitive to our possible boredom, prohibiting Twitter and Facebook, something in which I was still a beginner, but which I saw Puyol enjoying immensely.  But in the end, we weren’t bored a lot.  The tournament, from the beginning to the end, was unforgettable.

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one year later – Paraguay game photos

Reader Kat sent in these pictures of Spain warming up prior to the Paraguay game a while ago, and I had been saving them for this very special occasion, the one-year anniversary of the World Cup!  And she’s obviously a girl after my own heart, because she managed to capture Iker’s ass, Xabi posing, Xabi in charge, Villa with an annoyed expression on his face…

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