and another award for the team

Sports daily AS handed out their 2010 Sports Awards yesterday, one of which went to La Roja.  On hand to pick it up were team representatives Vicente del Bosque and Iker Casillas.  VDB said upon accepting the award, “thank you very much for this recognition.  It makes us a bit embarrassed to receive such good treatment from the people.  We’re very proud of what we achieved, and our football, thanks to the 23 players that represented us, has been reinforced by the World Cup.  They did an extraordinary job, and we’re happy with it.  Thank you to everyone.”  Meanwhile, Iker said, “I want to thank the AS newspaper for this award.  I think what we lived through on July 11 was something incredible.  In the name of all of the members of this team, and myself, I thank you all.  We also want to thank everyone that supported us.  Despite the distance, we felt very close to you all, as we ourselves saw the next day in Madrid.”

Iker didn’t speak with the press, but VDB did, saying that the incident between Sergio Ramos and Carles Puyol would not affect the national team:  “what happened could occur in a training session of any club.  They’re things that stay on the field and it won’t influence in the least the next call-up.”  Toni Grande and Javier Miñano were also present at the gala.

And don’t forget – tomorrow FIFA makes the decision as to who will host the 2018 World Cup!  VDB and Iker will travel to Zurich to support the bid.

How much do you want to bet Iker will turn up in a gray suit for that too?


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  1. “tomorrow FIFA makes the decision as to who will host the 2018 World Cup!” OMG totally forgot about this! I hope we have something to celebrate tomorrow! yay so excited!!! :D

  2. congrats to the team (yet again!)….

    but for the life of me, i can’t make heads or tails of that award that they’re all touching @.@ what is it??!!

  3. “How much do you want to bet Iker will turn up in a gray suit for that too?” — *sigh* my thoughts exactly.. Even if he shows up in a bright orange suit with purple polkadots, by God will I be satisfied!

  4. well i agree… Iker will show up in another grey suit… just like if it was Xavi…he mostly like show up in a black shine suit… *lol* … & i want Spain/Portugal to win the Word Cup bid… 2 me its the best place to have it… :)

  5. I imagine Iker’s closet is full of the same suit, all hanging in a row. I mean, that can’t be the only one he has, right??

  6. who are the other people in the picture?

  7. LOL on Iker’s suits. What about some high gloss a la Iker or Bruno? At least Iker matches.

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