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summer plans III

What have our boys been up to?

JAVI MARTÍNEZ (!!!) & (PF) JUAN MATA: the two JMs won the U-21 Euro with Spain.  That’s all.

FERNANDO TORRES: after a few days in Ibiza with his entire family, Fernando and Olalla were spotted in Sardinia.  I love him for wearing short shorts.

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summer plans II

A round-up of where everyone is:  Cesc tweeted that he’ll be going to Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali) but has been spotted in the south of France with a new girl, Fernando Llorente has finished with California and is now in Arizona (he needs to get a better camera though, those pictures are tiny!  Cesc also visited the Grand Canyon) with Las Vegas as the next stop, Carles Puyol is back in Barcelona continuing with his rehabilitation work, Sergio Ramos is on vacation with friends, David Villa was just in Asturias to pick up the “2010 best athlete award” from the Asturian sports press association, Borja Valero’s been busy tweeting photos of food in Ibiza, Iker’s taking “only” one week off and Pepe Reina is in Ibiza, on vacation and recovering!  Where is he going to put the “Luca” tattoo?

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summer plans

Bit by bit, we’re getting to see how our footballers have decided to spend their summer vacations.  Fernando Llorente posted on his Facebook that he’s on the west coast of the U.S. (in California; he finally found something taller than him), and Xabi Alonso has been sighted in New York (David Silva is presumably around there as well).  Borja Valero’s in paradise, and we’ve seen Iker in Mexico, and now in Chile.  He didn’t get to meet the presidents of either country, but he did hang out with the first ladies.

Praise San Iker!

By the way, the rest of Iker’s outfit consisted of khaki pants and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, both Carles Puyol and Andrés Iniesta chose to go somewhere sunny and near the sea…

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wedding season…

Jesús Navas married his longtime girlfriend Alejandra Moral in the Santa María la Blanca church in Los Palacios y Villafranca yesterday!  Both Jesús and Alejandra looked beautiful; ¡¡enhorabuena!!

Sergio Ramos, who was also looking fantastic though I expected a bit more color from him, attended the wedding, and tweeted a few photos from it: him and his brother-in-law Carlos, one of the happy couple, and one of him with the novios.  Judging by the corsage that Sergio is wearing, maybe he was one of testigos for Jesús.  He’s back in his “tierra,” and tweeted “how lovely is love!  Long live the newlyweds!  Congratulations to my great friend Jesús Navas!!”

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making the most out of the trip

After the game on Saturday, several of the boys enjoyed themselves at the Roxy club in Providence.  Borja Valero, Álvaro Negredo, Andoni Iraola, Manu del Moral, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Pepe Reina, Pedro Rodríguez, David Silva, Bruno Soriano, Dr. Celada, and fisios Fernando Galán and Raúl Martínez were all spotted at the club.  The pictures posted by Roxy on their Facebook are (perhaps inadvertently) funny to me, some for the outfits (it’s great to see the boys in normal clothes) and others for the posing, and you know I always have a lot to say about those things, so…

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lots more reasons to love this team

A Marca headline in today’s edition said, “¿Estados Unidos o Estamos unidos?” (The United States, or we are united?).  Judging from the past few days, I’d have to say both!  And this picture below is proof – Iker posted this shot of him, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Andoni Iraola and Pepe Reina on his FB, saying, “a game of pocha is never bad.”  As Fernando Llorente said, “somos una piña.”  I see Joan is continuing his strike, and why is Pepe wearing normal clothes?

Keep reading for all the news from yesterday…

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it does feel good!

The training session

Spain held their first training session before their Americas tour yesterday afternoon at Las Rozas.  The session started with VDB giving a chat.  The team only trained for about one hour, and it was a light session, in which all eyes were on the gestures, words, complicity between those players from Real Madrid and Barcelona.  And there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, probably much to the disappointment of the press, who are always looking for morbo.  Yay for normality!

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reunited (and it feels so good?) Plus, the fashion review!

The 23 players called up to play for Spain in the upcoming friendlies against the U.S and Venezuela gathered at Las Rozas this afternoon, with 13h as the deadline.  The first to show up was newlywed Andoni Iraola, who arrived at noon, followed by Joan Capdevila and David Silva.  All of the Barcelona players arrived about an hour late, as their flight was delayed, with the exception of David Villa, as he was already in Madrid to film a commercial.  Vicente del Bosque greeted his boys with a vuvuzela…

Was he trying to remind them of the good times they had in South Africa?  In any case, it’s adorable!  The team will train at 19h today, before flying to Boston tomorrow afternoon.  Read on for declarations at the Ciudad de Fútbol, as well as fashion observations!!

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