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23 preguntas – part five

El Confidencial didn’t get around to interviewing all of the players in this way (they managed to interview 18 out of the 23) so here are the last two, Fernando Llorente and Andrés Iniesta.

Final count: 18/18 for Zidane.

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Iniesta: The World Cup in the U.S., where Spain played very well.  If I speak of something specific, the game against Italy.

Llorente: The World Cup in the U.S.  I remember that I watched all of the games in the swimming pool of my town.  The image that I remember was that of the quarterfinals, when Luis Enrique’s nose was broken.

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Iniesta: I have a bad one and a good one.  The bad one is the elimination against France, the good one, my debut against Saudi Arabia.

Llorente: The elimination against France and the resulting bad taste in our mouths that it left.

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23 preguntas – part four

In this edition, Piqué makes a prediction, Valdés shows his lack of knowledge of World Cup history but a lot of love for windsurfing, Marchena gives some good and detailed answers, and Pedro reveals a bit too much information about his sex life.

The count:  Zidane 16, Materazzi 0.  It’s also Nelson Mandela 15/16 for question number 19 (Capdevila couldn’t name any one).

I LOVE THESE GUYS (these four, and the other 19 as well).

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Piqué: The 1994 World Cup in the U.S., Baggio’s goal, the elbow to Luis Enrique…

Valdés: The World Cup in the U.S.  I had an operation and since I had to stay in bed, I watched the entire tournament.

Marchena: I don’t have anything specific in mind, but I remember watching the games at home on TV with my father.

Pedro: The World Cup in France, the final which France won.

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Piqué: Ribéry’s goal.  You can’t forget that.

Valdés: The quarterfinals between France and Brazil, and Argentina and Germany.  Then I remember the final, the head-butt, and above all, the penalty that Zidane took a la Panenka.

Marchena: I have a bittersweet taste because we were playing well but France eliminated us.  A memory?  The goal that got us kicked out.

Pedro: The final and all that occurred with the penalties, the expulsion of Zidane.

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23 preguntas – part three

Some fun reading to distract you a bit before the game.  ¡Vamos España!

In this installment, Álvaro sets a goal, Juan gets chatty, Carles gets technical and Jesús is shy.

The count: Zidane 12 , Materazzi 0.

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Arbeloa: The one in the United States.  The quarterfinals against Italy…

Mata: The elbow to Luis Enrique in the World Cup in the U.S., I was six years old…

Puyol: Maradona’s goal against England in Mexico.

Navas: Spain-Nigeria.

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Arbeloa: The game against France.  I remember that I was in California, and that I watched the game while I ate breakfast.

Mata: The game against France that saw us eliminated, with the goal from Ribéry.

Puyol: When we left after losing against France.

Navas: Our first game, a win against Ukraine.

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23 preguntas – part two

And we continue with the 23 questions.  This time, we have a couple of football scholars (compared to the last four), including Xavi, the self-confessed futbolero, so we get more correct answers to the historical questions!  And wow, Raúl Albiol was really impressed by the Swedish in 1994!

The count: Zidane 8, Materazzi 0.

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Xabi: Míchel’s hat trick against Korea in Italy ’90.

Busquets: That of France in 1998, with Zidane, Ronaldo and the final that France won.

Xavi: My first memory of a World Cup is of watching the games on the sofa in my house with my father and grandfather.  I’m very into football and my family is as well.  The World Cup was the moment we were all waiting for.

Albiol: The World Cup in the U.S.  The game against Italy.  But also how Sweden played, and their two forwards.  They were amazing!

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Xabi: The last image I have is of Zidane… our last memory is very similiar because Zidane was also there.

Busquets: I have a few.  The first, the loss to France.  It was painful.  And also the final, the win by penalties and the headbutt of Zidane.  You can never forget that.

Xavi: The game against France.  It’s impossible to forget it.  It was another failure, it was very hard.  Then, the headbutt of Zidane, which impacted the entire world.

Albiol: The elimination, but also the headbutt of Zidane to Materazzi and the penalty the Frenchman took a la Panenka.

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23 preguntas – part one

I found another series of Q&A with our boys, this time courtesy of El Confidencial.  The series is called “23 questions for the 23 of La Roja,” and about half of them have been published so far.  In order to prevent inundating all of you with posts, I’ve combined them so that each entry has the answers of four players.  I think this way is also interesting because it allows you to compare what the players say!

If you don’t like this format, just leave a comment, and for the rest I’ll go back to doing it one by one!  Also, let me know if you’re getting tired of these kinds of posts, since a lot of the journalists ask the same questions!

Question 22 is the best and has the best (and most revealing) answers!  And for the record, it’s Zidane 4, Materazzi 0 (you’ll understand if you read the entire entry).

1. What is the first memory you have of a World Cup?

Capdevila: My first memory… is that of a short, bald Italian.  It was the 1990 World Cup in Italy.  Now I remember, I’m talking about Squilachi.

Cesc: Spain vs. Nigeria, the one with the error by Zubizarreta.  I was very young.

Reina: The 1994 World Cup, in the U.S.  I remember the day we were eliminated, the elbow to Luis Enrique, the occasion of Julio Salinas, the goal of Baggio…

Javi Martínez: The game against Nigeria in the World Cup in France.  We tied or lost?

2. A memory of the last World Cup?

Capdevila: That’s the German one, no?  The game against France and how they eliminated us, I told the World Cup to fuck off.

Cesc: There are only bad memories.  I remember I left the field crying, when France beat us.  What a disappointment!

Reina: We had bad luck against France.  We did the most difficult thing which was take the lead, but then we lost it inexplicably.

Javi Martínez: I have a lot of memories from the Korean World Cup.  Of the last one?  Then of the final, Zidane’s headbutt, and everything that happened.

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