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La Roja Por Dentro – Chapters IV, V, VI

Here’s the rest of La Roja Por Dentro, which are the last three chapters and the epilogue by Pepe Reina.  Speaking of Pepe Reina, this book was just as bad as his book.  I really wouldn’t recommend either of them, since I didn’t like the writing, and I didn’t learn anything new!

Chapter IV: The Convocatoria.

In this chapter, Silvia describes each of the players called up by VDB for the World Cup and the following convocatorias.  In other words, it’s a boring chapter.  Here are the best tidbits from the 57 pages of the chapter, which are not distributed evenly.  For example, Iker got eight pages, and Pedro less than half a page.

– Iker is one of the “experts” in coming up with nicknames for everyone.  Damián García, one of the utilleros, was named “Tiriti” because he’s a deejay on the weekends and always humming “tirititititi” and Iker heard that.  Damián has known Iker since the latter was 15.

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La Roja Por Dentro – Chapter III

So, with this chapter done, we are about halfway through the book, and I’m still not sure the point of the book is, since Silvia’s writing is very confusing.  In this chapter, she goes off on multiple tangents, and covers many more things than the concentración.  For example, on a section about spending time with Iniesta on the trip to Costa Rica, she speaks not only about that, but also Iraola’s wedding, shopping in the United States, team nicknames, playing bingo and inexplicably, Álvaro Arbeloa as a U-15 player with Aragón’s provincial team.  She ends the chapter explaining how one of her nicknames came about (I don’t get it either).  And the worst thing is, I haven’t learned anything new about the players or the team!

Chapter III: The concentración. 

The residence: the Ciudad de Fútbol in Las Rozas is made up of various football fields, a gym, a press room, game rooms (pool, video games, library), restaurants and the residence.  Some of the rooms in the residence are named after players such as Raúl, Fernando Hierro or Alfredo di Stéfano.  Antonio Limones is responsible for assigning the rooms: “I do it based on relationships and not hierarchy.  If Navas is called up, I give him a room near Ramos’ because I know they’re friends.  It’s the same with Arbeloa and Albiol, or Iniesta and Valdés.  The players always know which room they get.  They take the elevator up, all of the rooms are open and the keys are on top of the bed.”  This is how the routine always goes, no matter which hotel the team is staying at.

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La Roja Por Dentro – Chapters I and II

I don’t want the readers of this blog to feel left out after I posted on my other blog, so here are the first excerpts from La Roja Por Dentro, as promised!  For those who enjoy good writing, I’m sorry to say that the writing in this book is as disjointed and jumbled as that of El Mundo en Nuestras Manos (despite Silvia having a Media Studies degree from La Complu, unlike Pepe), and there is also a lot of rambling going on.  With that said, there are some great anecdotes from the point of view of “the other team,” so let’s start with those.

Chapters I and II: “Medals are for normal people” and “The other team.”

Anecdotes from “the other team.”

Raúl Martínez: during the Confederations Cup, we stayed at a hotel called the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge.  It had a watering hole connected to an observatory and also cameras so you could see the Big Five from the television sets in your room.  We also went on a small safari, and we saw some animals – giraffes, zebras, rhinos – but we hadn’t seen elephants or lions, so we were a bit disappointed.  That, combined with the cold, the loss to the United States and having to remain in South Africa to play for third and fourth place, made all of us anxious.  One night, before the game to determine the third and fourth places, around two or three in the morning, I was chatting with Galán [Fernando Galán, another of the fisios].  In the background, we had the television connected to the watering hole on.  We hadn’t seen many animals in the 48 hours that we had been here, but suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, I noticed the trees on the screen moving out of the corner of my eye.  Then a mid-sized elephant appeared, followed by about 20 more.  We began running rapidly towards the observatory and we could see others doing the same.  When we got there, we saw about half of the team already sitting there, watching the scene silently and with amazement on their faces.  The majority of them were in their pajamas.  The rest of the players began filing in.  I remember them saying things like “ostras, look at how many there are, at last, shhhhhh, silence!, sit there.”  In the end, almost the entire team was there, united as always, finally able to see elephants.

Sadly there are no photos of the boys in their pajamas, but here is one from the previous safari…

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La Roja Por Dentro – prologue & introduction

Here we go with La Roja Por Dentro!  And if you didn’t already think that Silvia is one of the luckiest people in the world – her job is to hang out with La Roja! – well, Sergio also aimed a kiss in her direction, and Fernando Torres played with her hair.  And if that wasn’t enough, Carles Puyol offered to write the prologue to her book.

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