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back together again!

The concentración for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Finland and France began on Tuesday morning.  Surprisingly, as the players began arriving, there were no major fashion failures (emphasis on the word “major” since some of the players, in the simple act of choosing their own clothes, commit fashion crimes).

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ICYMI – Spain vs. Serbia

May 26, 2012 / Day 6 – Spain vs. Serbia, friendly, 2-0.

Well, that wasn’t the most exciting game, and I’m hoping it’s because the players are saving their best for the actual tournament, no?  Although it’s hard for Iker, Juanfran and David Silva to be more adorable than they were in these moments…

Hopefully Sergio got a kiss in as well!

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day 3 – first full day in Schruns

May 23, 2012.

La Roja continued preparing for its upcoming friendly against Serbia, with two training sessions on Wednesday.

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days 1 & 2 – ready to start!


May 21, 2012 & May 22, 2012.

We are now officially preparing for the Eurocopa!  So far, that has meant suit fittings, movie watching and of course, training!

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catching up!

It’s really been forever since my last post, not counting the one yesterday about the Eurocopa preliminary list.  I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post, but I had been collecting bits and pieces from here and there over the last several months in anticipation of a post that I didn’t get around to, until today.  Will you accept Xabi Alonso modeling for Hugo Boss Fragrances as an apology?

More Xabi here.  By the way, my second post of this blog two years ago (this one is post #912!) was dedicated to Xabi and Hugo Boss (plus Cesc and David Villa).  Anyway, more perfect people inside the post…

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