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… we all knew it would end one day, we just didn’t expect it would end in this fashion.  It was beautiful while it lasted, and I have no doubt that while this may be the end of a cycle, a new one is on the verge of beginning.  I mean, look at how talented and exciting our next generation of players are!  They will play wonderfully with the current team.

And I have to thank this current generation of players for giving us six years of not only beautiful football, but also camaraderie, union and teamwork.  And let’s not forget the tremendous joy we got each time they hoisted up a trophy.  Gracias, muchísimas gracias.

remaining optimistic

Well, we didn’t get off to the best start in the World Cup, did we?  Then again, we started off the 2010 edition with a loss, and went on to win the whole thing.  What I’m saying is that there’s no need to give up on La Roja yet.  It’s easy to be pessimistic; in fact that would be the easy way out and the tendency for those fans who remember clearly the years before 2008.  But there are two more games to go, and who knows what will happen.  Crazier things have occurred in a World Cup.  This team has heart, the ability to move past this and the determination to make their country and fans happy, and that can go a long way.

And we still have the possibility of moving onto the next round.  The odds might not be as high as we would like it to be, but it remains possible nevertheless.

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Juan Mata, César Azpilicueta and David de Gea at XL Semanal

And I also have some PF Juan Mata, César “Dave” Azpilicueta and David (not Dave) de Gea for you, from their appearance in today’s XL Semanal.  They’re looking good, no?

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Iker Casillas at GQ España

Apologies for the lack of posts as Spain starts its defense of the World Cup, but I’ve been super busy with other things (including cheering on (along with Gerard Piqué) my (San Francisco) Spurs – Go Spurs Go!).  I hope to post more often shortly, but in the meantime, here is Iker Casillas talking about the national team in the June issue of GQ España.

Spain is facing Australia, Chile and the Netherlands in the group stage.  What do you think about the group?  Is it doable?

It’s a difficult group.  In addition, the first two games are against rivals that in theory are going to compete with Spain to get to the next round.  And if we needed more, we’re debuting against the Netherlands, which should be the other favorite.  In any case, I believe that starting off strong will be a stimulant, it made the team begin preparing mentally from the day of the draw.  If we manage to get positive results in the first two games, it will be very important for our morale to continue growing in the competition.

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of effort, hearts and disguises

Here are two more new spots starring our boys, courtesy of Movistar and Cruzcampo.

In the Movistar spot, which is titled “We will make as much as an effort as all of you,” the question “How to motivate stars who have already won everything?” is posed.  Therefore, Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina, Andrés Iniesta, Juanfran Torres and Santi Cazorla are sent undercover, in disguise, to get up close and personal with the fans.

They get wigs, mustaches or beards, and in some cases glasses.  Santi ends up looking exactly like Mario of Super Mario (were they inspired by his Arsenal Christmas party outfit?), while Juanfran bears more than a passing resemblance to Luigi, complete with green hat and all.

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yo te seguiré…

The video for Maldita Nerea’s song “Buena energía” featuring (I use that word lightly) Xavi Hernández on the drums, Diego Costa on the bongo and Iker Casillas, Jordi Alba and César Azpilicueta on the tambourine is out!

And of course, the boys are adorable, and the song is catchy!  I expect we’ll be hearing it a lot in the coming months (the song comes out today).

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all set for Italy!

Spain takes on Italy tonight in a friendly at the Vicente Calderón (Madrid) at 22h.  There are several things of note about this game.  It is the last time La Roja is together before the concentración for the World Cup begins on May 26, the game will serve as a tribute to the late and great Luis Aragonés and as the stage for the debut of the new black jerseys, and of course this will be the first time we see Diego Costa in the shirt of Spain.  All eyes have been on him the entire week, although I have to admit mine were focused on Azpi’s dimples instead!

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gracias Luis

Unsurprisingly, the tributes are pouring in for Luis Aragónes.  Here, I’ve translated pieces written by Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernández, plus interviews with Álvaro Arbeloa and Pepe Reina, as well as a sampling of messages via Twitter from Luis’ players.  There’s also a piece written by Luis himself, where he reflects on the Eurocopa.  DEP Míster (y tal).

Luis Aragónes.  1938-2014.

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