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all set for Japan/with La Rojita!

Spain takes on Benji, Oliver and Japan in its Olympics opener this afternoon at Hampden Park (15:45h Spain time, 14:45h local time).  The starting line-up is made up of David de Gea, Martín Montoya, Álvaro Domínguez, Iñigo Martínez, Jordi Alba, Javi Martínez, Koke, Isco, Juan Mata, Rodrigo and Adrián.

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Basque men at Punto Pelota

It’s Monday, and depending on how the weekend results went for you, you’d either want to continue celebrating or you need a little boost, so here are some gorgeous Basque men to do either one of those.

Punto Pelota recently interviewed the three amigos – Javi Martínez (!!!), Ander Herrera and Iker Muniain – in what is one of the most adorable interviews ever, thanks to the protagonists (and doesn’t Javi (!!!) look so snuggly?).  Irene Junquera also interviewed Iñigo Martínez (who, at the tender age of 20, is Xabi Alonso’s idol!) and Asier Illarramendi recently, while they were on duty with the U-21 team.  And so here are the interviews.

IQ: I’m here with the three “pearls” of Athleti, I wanted to speak with all of you because it’s said that you all don’t get along.

AH: I think so.  From the time I arrived, I’ve had many problems with these two, and I’d like to get them out of my sight as soon as possible.

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these Basque men, ruining it for all the others*

Okay, if they keep this up, I’m never going to get anything done, ever!  Javi (!!!) and Iker Muniain have been tweeting back and forth today about the nice weather in Bilbao, whether they’re going to go outside, with Iker saying that he doesn’t want to get a sunburn and Javi (!!!) replying that he should put on some sunblock.

Then Ander chimes in, “Iker, get a bit of sun, since Javi is super bronzed in his underwear commercials and he doesn’t need it.”  Jajaja!!!  And Javi (!!!) replies, “yes, it wouldn’t be bad for either of you to get a bit of sun… you all look like The Cullens.”

I’ve never watched the Twilight series, but I got the reference… and I wonder if Javi (!!!) is a fan?

* even only if by name, so Iker Casillas qualifies!  And his hot brother Unai too!!!

P.S. I’m disappointed no one asked Javi (!!!) about the underwear in his team press conference today!  But I suppose it wouldn’t have been very appropriate… on the other hand, we did get to see Andoni speak Basque!

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