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of effort, hearts and disguises

Here are two more new spots starring our boys, courtesy of Movistar and Cruzcampo.

In the Movistar spot, which is titled “We will make as much as an effort as all of you,” the question “How to motivate stars who have already won everything?” is posed.  Therefore, Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina, Andrés Iniesta, Juanfran Torres and Santi Cazorla are sent undercover, in disguise, to get up close and personal with the fans.

They get wigs, mustaches or beards, and in some cases glasses.  Santi ends up looking exactly like Mario of Super Mario (were they inspired by his Arsenal Christmas party outfit?), while Juanfran bears more than a passing resemblance to Luigi, complete with green hat and all.

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in demand – Eurocopa edition

La Roja has many sponsors, and they’re allowed to “use” the players for their advertisements and spots.  Here’s a look at some of them that have been published or aired during this Eurocopa.


The Spanish beer company filmed a great little ad with five of our boys, but the highlight has to be the fantastic time they had shooting the video.  We can see how fun it was, and we get a glimpse of Sergio and Xabi’s party tricks!  They’d be super fun and interesting guests, no?

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catching up!

It’s really been forever since my last post, not counting the one yesterday about the Eurocopa preliminary list.  I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post, but I had been collecting bits and pieces from here and there over the last several months in anticipation of a post that I didn’t get around to, until today.  Will you accept Xabi Alonso modeling for Hugo Boss Fragrances as an apology?

More Xabi here.  By the way, my second post of this blog two years ago (this one is post #912!) was dedicated to Xabi and Hugo Boss (plus Cesc and David Villa).  Anyway, more perfect people inside the post…

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the La Roja modeling academy

The new shirt is out, and to sell it, Adidas turned to our players to model it.  A simple, yet effective idea.  So, which one is the best model?  I think you all can tell who gets my vote… it was no contest really, although of course I prefer it when Javi Martínez (!!!) wears less.

I’ve obviously stared at the photos too much, because I’m slightly bothered by the fact that Javi’s (!!!) shorts are off-center… (and now you all know where I was staring…).

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everything begins all over again

Here is Adidas’ new campaign for La Roja, “El pasado no cuenta.  Todo vuelve a empezar” (the past does not count, everything begins all over again).  Despite the absence of Javi (!!!), bare chests and drops of sweat trickling down Xabi’s torso, I quite like the concept because it’s true, we can’t rest on our laurels and we have to go out fighting, because we are now the team that everyone wants to beat.

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two very special anniversaries

June 29 is a very special day in Spanish football history.  It was on this day three years ago that we won the Eurocopa, and in 2010, we beat Portugal in the World Cup to advance to the quarterfinals.

Spain beat Germany 1-0 in that 2008 Eurocopa final, behind a goal from Fernando Torres, ending years and years of suffering, disappointment and agony for Spanish national team fans.  At last, we had won something.  And it was extra special for me, because my beloved Iker Casillas was the captain, and seeing him lift up the trophy made me cry.

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in demand – Chevrolet (III)

Remember this and this of Fernando Llorente, Pepe, Andrés, Raúl and Joan filming the commercial for the Chevrolet Orlando?  Well, here’s the print ad.  And since the Orlando is a seven-seat car, Carles Puyol and Fernando Torres were added on.  Can you imagine taking a road trip in this car with these seven guys (I’m sure you wouldn’t mind being squished if it were between say Torres and Pepe, right)?  It would be so fun!  Andrés would drive (he seems to be the most responsible out of this bunch), Carles and Joan would be fighting over the music (Shuarma vs. Barricada), Raúl would be telling everyone to turn back because he forgot his bag at home, Pepe would be cracking jokes, creating mayhem and fussing over Fernando Torres, and Fernando Llorente would be providing a very nice lap for me to sit on (plus, his hair would provide hours of entertainment for me, just by getting to touch it).

I would just be sad that Iker’s not along for the ride, because that means I won’t get to see him drying his hair out the window.

in demand – Cepsa

Spanish energy company Cepsa is one of the sponsors of La Roja, and they just came out with this slightly scary looking ad.  The tagline says, “the world at our feet,” so I get the concept, but did they really have to make Iker into a gown-wearing statue, and half a statue at that?

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