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all set for Tahiti!

I won’t get around to La Rojita’s campeones post until later this week, so in the meantime, here’s one on La Roja, who takes on Tahiti today (21h) at the legendary Maracanã in Rio in their second game of the Confederations Cup.

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all set for Uruguay!

Spain takes on Uruguay tonight, or rather, early early tomorrow morning (00h Spain time), in the opening game for La Roja in the Confederations Cup, which as we’re reminded every five minutes, is the only cup we don’t have in our trophy cabinet.  So let’s go and win this cup!

Do you think Pepe said yes?  And how was Iker planning on getting the ring over the glove?

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Basque men at Punto Pelota

It’s Monday, and depending on how the weekend results went for you, you’d either want to continue celebrating or you need a little boost, so here are some gorgeous Basque men to do either one of those.

Punto Pelota recently interviewed the three amigos – Javi Martínez (!!!), Ander Herrera and Iker Muniain – in what is one of the most adorable interviews ever, thanks to the protagonists (and doesn’t Javi (!!!) look so snuggly?).  Irene Junquera also interviewed Iñigo Martínez (who, at the tender age of 20, is Xabi Alonso’s idol!) and Asier Illarramendi recently, while they were on duty with the U-21 team.  And so here are the interviews.

IQ: I’m here with the three “pearls” of Athleti, I wanted to speak with all of you because it’s said that you all don’t get along.

AH: I think so.  From the time I arrived, I’ve had many problems with these two, and I’d like to get them out of my sight as soon as possible.

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around the world with La Roja

Well, La Roja’s last trip of the year has ended, and we won’t see the boys together again until next year.  The results left me with a bittersweet feeling, but on the other hand, that means that there’s only room for improvement as we head into the last months before the 2012 Eurocopa, right?  And we know that Spain always steps it up for official games.  Anyway, here’s a rundown of all the things that La Roja and La Rojita went through during the last week.

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Fernando Llorente on Informe Robinson

As mentioned earlier, Fernando Llorente spent part of his summer in India, with the NGO Save the Children. Michael Robinson traveled to New Delhi with him, and a segment on Fernando’s time in India aired on “Informe Robinson” earlier this week.  The segment, “Llorente Namasté,” also takes a look at Fernando’s childhood, with his brother Chus speaking about how difficult it was for the family to have Fernando leave at such an early age.  It’s a thoroughly enjoyable 20 or so minutes, though I wish they had focused more on Fernando’s time in India.  And it once again shows that Fernando Llorente is, in addition to being a fantastic football player, a wonderful human being.

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spotlight on… Fernando Llorente

UPDATED with another interview/test, with bonus Álvaro Domínguez!

With la selección playing in La Rioja, all eyes were on their native son, Fernando Llorente.  Also very much in demand was the Llorente family, as Cuatro and TVE visited them to get their thoughts on this special event.  And TVE forever has my gratitude, because they also decided to get Javi’s (!!!) opinion.  So, let’s start with Silvia Barba.  By the way, I love Fernando’s voice, and his very sunny personality.  And when he and Javi (!!!) are together…

Silvia headed to Rincón de Soto to speak with Isabel and Fernando (Senior), Fernando Llorente’s parents, before returning to Logroño to speak with Javi (!!!) and Fernando himself.  There’s bonus Javi (!!!) at the end, since his family also came to visit him.  I know this clip is supposed to be about Fer, but Javi (!!!) stole the show for me with his adorable answer, his laugh, his affection towards his nephew (or cousin or something else, I’m not sure, but I do like the thought of Uncle Javi!!!) and his cheekbones.  Watch the video here.

SB:  we would like to present Isabel and Fernando.  They’re not the Cathlolic Monarchs, but rather Fernando Llorente’s parents.  Twenty-six years ago, he was born in this house which is being renovated now [note: Fernando was actually born in Pamplona].  Here is where a world champion grew up.

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Informe Robinson – Gerard Piqué (preview)

Tonight is the premiere of a new episode of “Informe Robinson,” this one dedicated to Gerard Piqué!  So far we’ve seen this promo on his FB page, and here, we have a longer video.  Summary below!

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interviews, videos & more!

Iker’s interview with Reebok, Piqué’s interview with Sara, fun facts about Xavi, the my coach ad and boys shopping!

Iker and Zigtech

Watch Iker answer questions and promote the Zigtech line of shoes here and here (I’ve skipped the club-related and Zigtech questions).  Fun game: take a shot each time Iker starts his response with “Bueno…”

He had to think very hard about his answers.

What’s missing from your trophy cabinet? I think what any athlete always wants is to continue winning trophies, you always want more.

Did you ever dream that one day you’d be the world champion? Well, I think it’s easy to dream, obviously they just stay as dreams, but I’ve always dreamed of winning something with my country on the national team.  We’ve had so many failures and bad luck in finals, so winning a World Cup is a huge success.

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