they can’t get enough of each other!

I love it!  Two weeks after national team duty, and some of the boys are still together!

Fernando Llorente, Pepe Reina & family, and David Villa & family were all seen together in Ibiza recently.  I guess Pepe and David made Fernando come along to slightly even out the boy to girl ratio, given that they both have two daughters!

Pepe was looking quite metrosexual with his purple swim trunks and hair-free chest.  How come he doesn’t have a sleeve/glove tan like Iker does?  And who knew that was what he was hiding under his goalkeeper jersey?

Fernando, himself a big kid, was seen playing with one of Pepe’s kids.  Who do you think makes better sandcastles, Fernando + Grecia or Sergio + Daniela?

Meanwhile, El Guaje was the only male out there with hair.

Rest of the pictures can be found here!


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  1. Am I imagining or does Pepe has a tattoo on his right arm?

  2. El Guaje is hot enough to be seen every single seconds by me =)

  3. Pepe Reina and David Villa often vacation together, but Llorente is a new addition. Although I am slightly disappointed with Pepe’s smooth chest (I prefer him hairy), the level of hotness in these photos has greatly improved my mood and my day!

    Once again, thanks for posting the kind of hard-hitting news stories we all love! :)

  4. it’s nice to see those 3 having some R&R together :) and David = LOVE <333

  5. awww that’s cute. i wish the other Fernando & family had joined them too. ;)

    • Me too!
      I’m used to seeing Pepe and Fer together all the time… It feels a little as if they’ve drifted away from each other at the world cup…

      • well we did see them talking to each other on the bench during one of the games…not that that tells us anything lol. i guess Fernando is just more low-key than Pepe & DV.

  6. omg they’re all so cute

  7. So cute. Thanks for posting. Can’t get enough of David Villa. And love Reina in the pix. I wonder how they convinced Llorente to come along.

  8. My goodness! I love seeing these guys vacationing together. Too bad they were a week to late to catch Puyi, Piqué and Cesc together in Ibiza! Still, it’s adorable how they’re all such good friends and hang out outside the national team. That’s what makes them work so well together on the pitch too! I wonder if other national teams have such a wonderful dynamic on the personal level. I’m always inclined to believe La Roja is the most special :)

  9. PS Does Fernando Llorente know he looks like a Greek god,or is he just sitting there unaware of how he makes girls swoon?!? That hair!! You’re just born with that!!

  10. mila_casillas

    Oh my Fernando Llorente. I just want to pull his hair.

  11. They are adorable. Not only their wives and kids are there, but their parents as well!
    Pepe and David has vacationed together for some years now, but I’m glad to see that they have added another of my fav guys!

  12. Aw, the adorable is killing me! Llorente especially – he just looks like an enormous kid. Who is drop-dead gorgeous.

    But re: the sandcastles, I think my vote has to go with Sergio and Daniela – Fernando is just a little too laid-back here. Sergio looked like he was putting a lot of serious thought into the mechanics of sandcastle engineering!

  13. Some people got (LQ) videos of them at the beach. . . (the site’s in Chinese, lol)
    And that pink suitcase, it’s a hello kitty suitcase. :P

    And lots of stalker pics in this thread:

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