¡campeones 2012! – the game

July 1, 2012.

Another historical date for La Roja.  Spain made history by becoming the first national team to win two consecutive Eurocopas, with a World Cup sandwiched in between, when it beat Italy 4-0 (in the highest scoring final in history) to close out the 2012 edition of the Eurocopa.

ONE.  On what day do the Sanfermines start?  My father and grandfather are named Fermín.  For me, it starts on the fourth (Vicente del Bosque).

Vicente del Bosque became the first ever coach to win both the European and world championships with a club (Real Madrid) and with a national team.  And he accomplished that without ever raising his voice.  Where are the critics now?

TWO.  Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  No.  Let’s see if he sends me a crate (Santi Cazorla).

Pre-game moments: Santi Cazorla and Álvaro Negredo posing and joking around, Cesc looking for someone, Pepe commenting on something to Xabi and Santi (note the beer in Pepe’s hand and the coffee in Xabi’s)…

Where do you like to go on vacation?  To a Caribbean island, one with wind (Víctor Valdés).

… Víctor Valdés gesturing to get his point across to Javi (!!!) who doesn’t seem to get it…

What is the secret of La Roja?  That they’re very good (Juan Mata Sr.).

… PF Juan Mata looking serious, and the team’s warm-up exercises almost looking like an intricate dance.

THREE.  What music do you listen to on the way  to the stadium?  Normally, I speak with Xavi (Sergio Busquets).  What music do you listen to on the way to the stadium?  I usually speak with Busi (Xavi).

I don’t know if all of you have seen the player intro videos, so here they are.  If you think back way to the beginning of the team’s stay in Poland, that’s when they shot these videos.  UEFA should release them and any outtakes they have!  I’m pretty sure some of the players were not successful on their first take, especially since there were other players sitting around watching and teasing them.

FOUR.  How many goals has Villa scored for Spain?  200! (Juan Mata).

I’m so happy that they came for the game!  It was great to see David Villa and Carles Puyol there, since they are such an important part of the team, and they seemed to have had a great experience, although it couldn’t have been easy for them to watch the game from the stands.  Luis Aragonés was there too, sitting next to David (you can see a bit of him in the photo).

FIVE.  What is the secret of La Roja?  The team is in tune with each other and has great players (Fernando Llorente).  How often does Del Bosque touch up his mustache?  Each time we suffer with a result (Juanfran Torres).

Moments: from the very coordinated pairing of Xabi and Xavi to VDB’s suffering…

What type of music do you listen to on the way to the stadium?  Whatever Ramos puts on (Jesús Navas).

… to the always welcome sight of Sergio’s abs and that tattoo…

Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  We have it quite often (Andrés Iniesta).

… and the rare moment of frustration (thank goodness there were not many in this game) from Andrés Iniesta.

SIX.  What is the secret of La Roja?  The serenity (David Silva).

The goals!  ¡Toma!, says David.  I wonder who that was for.

Go Spain!

What is the secret of La Roja?  The team spirit, the group (Pedro).

I loved the double celebration for Jordi’s goals!  The players on the field ran towards Jordi – Xabi Alonso did it at top speed – while the bench players had their own celebration on the sideline and VDB showed a rare bit of emotion.

Look at that team spirit, that group!

What is the secret of La Roja?  Hard work and team spirit (Fernando Torres).

Fernando Torres became the first ever player to score in two Eurocopa finals.  I think Pepe might have been even more overjoyed than his niño himself!

This time around, the players and the substitutes celebrated together.

What is the secret of La Roja?  The joy (Juan Mata).

What a Eurocopa debut for PF Juan Mata!  He came into the game at the very end, but didn’t let that hold him back, as he scored a goal!

That generous assist helped Fernando Torres win the Golden Boot award for the tournament, as he finished with three goals and one assist, the same as Mario Gómez, but since Fernando had accomplished that by playing less minutes than the German, the honor went to him.

SEVEN.  How much did Iker Casillas weigh when he was born?  A lot.  With that head that he has… it should have weighed as much as he did (Pepe Reina).

Well, Iker needs a big head so that we can all properly see the halo, no?  What a fantastic captain we have.  None of this would have been possible without this man.

EIGHT.  Where is the Antiguo neighborhood?  It’s Xabi Alonso’s neighborhood.  It’s in San Sebastián (Iker Casillas).

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Looks like Xabi has been giving some lessons!

NINE.  What is the secret of La Roja?  Humility, hope, quality… (Javi Martínez).

The players were excited for the game to end, especially Javi (!!!) and Víctor, while Iker, proving once again that he’s a wonderful sportsman, kept pressuring the referee to blow the whistle and stop Italy’s suffering.  And it’s always an interesting experience to hear him break out the English!  (Pepe Reina es dee worrs wolky en de worrl.)

TEN.  Of note: Iker, Sergio Ramos, Xabi, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Torres played in all three finals, and 11 of the players won all three trophies (Iker, Raúl Albiol, Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi, Sergio Ramos, Álvaro Arbeloa, Pepe Reina, Fernando Torres, Cesc and David Silva).

And now, we have to celebrate winning that beautiful Cup, no?


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  1. Thank you! I’ve been waiting for your posts since last Sunday. Can’t wait to read the following posts about the celebrations.

  2. So much to love in this post. First Negredo is so hot, I love that he is a regular now. The intro videos are fantastic. I really love the adorable cheerleader roll that Santi Cazorla has taken on. Thank god VDB finally moved Xavi up closer to be the playmaker we all know that he is. I know VDB was trying to conserve his energy in prior games, but thankfully it all worked out. Though my nails will never be the same. X and X are posing twins now oh so cute. Two BOSSES. Total love fests during celebrations. Thank you for all the close ups and little moments. Aw poor baby vampire aka Twilight aka Iniesta. I love when he is facing the ground and looking for his coffin, no? A little rest for Andrescito. VDB the zen master still got skills. And I adore the training gif, they boyz look like water ballerinas no? Thank you Una for your posts, it really gave us the opportunity to celebrate and suffer together. Un abrazo.

  3. It’s so great to re-live these moments! I love to see them happy and celebrating, they deserved every minute of it. What a bunch of wonderful guys. Love them!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful coverage all month long! Fantastic!

  5. I just wanted to say I love your blog!!!!! especially the Xabi’s pose section and the close ups on Iker’s perfect(!!!) profile….please keep it up. It’s really great and I’m always waiting for your new updates.

  6. What about that lovely moment when Pique was almost de-pantsed? Surely worthy of inclusion!


    Other than that, great post! Thanks.

  7. That Xabi/Xavi gif is mesmerizing!

  8. una, this post is genius! i love the way you’ve structured it, calling back to the questionnaire throughout and giving photos and examples related to each question. really, really well done. :) this may be my favourite post yet, actually (and that’s saying something!).

    i am STILL on a high, almost a week later. every time i come back down to earth, i find photos or videos or posts of sunday and the aftermath and i float on up to cloud 9 again. i could not be more proud of them!

    (i love how pepe has beer in that pre-match photo — i guess he was THAT confident that iker was going to play the whole game and that he could safely drink without fear of being called up? hahaha!)

  9. Una, thanks again for such a lovely take on the game and your post! So glad the boys made history! And I love San Iker! Iker for Ballon d’Or (or Xavi)!!!

  10. I have always loved Italy and I felt very proud of both teams! My wish was for a fair and clean match, with both sides behaving like gentleman. I’m so happy that this was the case. As many of the Italian players have noted, Spain was the better team and deserved to win, but Italy should be proud of what they accomplished, too. Spain has made history and they still have a very bright future!

  11. Thank you soooo much Una!!! Another wonderful post (love the Idea to link the questions with the content :-)))) ).

    I just had to think of the goalkeeping gifs. Maybe VV is trying to explain to Javi Martínez how to use your hands when goalkeeping ;-) “Put them up like this. And then you can block the ball”

  12. Yeah, that is great… Thanks for good effort… I hope that you have to make cover of Olympic team matches…. Viva Espana…

  13. It’s really surprising to see such a game, winning with nearly no suffering. And great credits to Iker!

  14. Thank you for the recap of this memorable match! Your take on the team makes their succes twice as enjoyable for me.
    I did not know that Iker asked the referee to blow the whistle. Que grande es!

  15. Thanks for the post, it’s wonderful to relieve those moments! I’m looking forward to the celebration posts:D

  16. how creative to combine questions +anwers to matching pieces of this post!
    I’m looking forward to your next one about the celebrations :D thank you

  17. I have four words for you, Madridista: Xavi Alonso Pose Section. ;-)

  18. WONDERFUL post and wonderful game!!!!

    It’s been a week and I am still happy!

    You captured it perfectly UnaMadridista, Campeon of the Blogs;-))

  19. I always love your posts, thanks for taking the time to write them! And awww, it was so nice of Iker to ask that. I wish the ref finished the game early.

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