… we all knew it would end one day, we just didn’t expect it would end in this fashion.  It was beautiful while it lasted, and I have no doubt that while this may be the end of a cycle, a new one is on the verge of beginning.  I mean, look at how talented and exciting our next generation of players are!  They will play wonderfully with the current team.

And I have to thank this current generation of players for giving us six years of not only beautiful football, but also camaraderie, union and teamwork.  And let’s not forget the tremendous joy we got each time they hoisted up a trophy.  Gracias, muchísimas gracias.

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  1. I have certainly enjoyed the last 6 years and I’ll continue to enjoy your updates and photos of recess–I mean training. I’ll still look forward to the call-ups and I’ll still follow the careers of all the Spanish players with great interest. The one I am saddest for are the ones who have experienced these setbacks before. I wish for them that their “golden age” could have carried on to the ends of their careers, and for VDB. And, finally, I am looking forward to the next generation who have already started to shine on the world stage!

  2. Oh, yes and I also feel bad for all those people who gave their hearts and now have a hole in their shirt and no team to cheer through the next rounds. ;)

  3. What this team did in the past few years is incredible and one tournament performance won’t change that! I feel lucky that I got to see them play and win so many trophies. They did bring people a lot of joy.

  4. well said! definitely not how we wanted it to end but it was a wonderful time, these past six years! a big thank you not only to those great guys but also to you for helping us to keep up with what they were doing :)

  5. It was a sad end, and unexpected one :(

  6. It’s sad to see it end but I can only be grateful for them for introducing me to football and for the joy they brought us all. Here’s to the next world cup!

  7. Heartbroken. Not because of this World Cup, not because of the loss, but because these boys deserve a little more respect from many people.

    I will always be treasuring those beautiful moments in my heart. It’s in these moments that you know who really supports you.

    And thanks to you, Una, as well. Thanks for all those memories, for all the posts, for all the work, you have been doing a tremendous job. I hope you will continue with this passion and wish you all the best!

    Ánimo, chicos. Somos la furia roja y nadie va a olvidar esa época.

  8. I love them all, whether they win or lose. They seem like really nice people, and they’re all brilliant players. I wish them all the best!

  9. This group of men will always have a special place in my heart. I remember watching the final four years ago and just knowing in my gut that they would win. I never had that same feeling this time around. I always thought this was a transition period, the veterans were getting older and the younger ones not just ready yet. But what wonderful memories they gave us!

  10. Hey Una!

    Just recently discovered your blog & I am still catching up on all your posts…but just wanted to thank you for giving us so many bytes of our champs.

    Yes, they will always be OUR CHAMPIONS…sure, the last few days have been hard for all Spainiards, but this fall will only make them get back on their feet…stronger than ever! These past 6 years have been nothing less than HISTORIC…I will cherish & remember ever moment of their joys, on the field and off the field. I hope they win the next with Australia & have an awesome journey towards Euro 2016…(in my mind, I can still vividly see Iker Casillas lifting up the trophy, the players hugging each other, Sernando feels, their kids playing on the field with confetti, family pictures etc….It has been an incredible ride!)

    – Dee

  11. such perfectly stated sentiments Una! i take comfort in belief that this is just the end of a cycle. thanks to You we are already familiar with the crop of la rojita players coming up the ranks. i cannot wait to see them continue on to start the next cycle of beautiful play.

    and yes muchísimas gracias to our team, La Roja, we can never forget the joy they have brought and still bring to us, their devoted supporters.

  12. i’m still so stunned i can’t articulate my thoughts properly. and as heartbroken as i, and you, and all the fans are, i cannot begin to imagine what the players must be feeling. the loss itself is painful enough to deal with without all the backlash and vitriol i’m seeing all over the internet. amazing how the same team that was celebrated four years ago and even two years ago at the euro cup is met with such derision and contempt now. how quickly people forget. :(

    still, i am grateful for six years of record-breaking joy, of trophies, of victories, of beautiful football (by equally beautiful players!), laughter, teamwork and happiness. gracias, senores.

  13. Thank you for these comforting words, Una. These days are really hard for us. :(

  14. Thanks for the post, Una. Please please please continue with the great articles and updates!!

    I’m also proud of Sergio’s attitude and remarks from the few post-ESP elimination tidbits I’ve read. While this does signal the end of an era for some of the greatest footballers this world has ever seen and never will again, they have made their mark in history.

    To quote one of the collective film faves of the team,”What we do in life echoes in eternity”.

  15. Before the Eurocopa 2012, I wasn’t expecting anything from this team, but they made the impossible possible and won the tournament again.
    Before this World Cup, I knew some sort of heartbreak was going to happen, although not in that brutal manner. (I was thinking: maybe elimination at the quarter finals – you know, back to normal ;)

    I am going to be forever grateful for this team’s success and the joy and happiness they brought. They deserve all the respect in the world for their unparalled achievements.
    Like you, Una, I think they will be back with a new and stronger team next time round.

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