Juan Mata – El País 2014 World Cup Q&A

Today, we have the always articulate and eloquent PF Juan Mata doing the Q&A.  According to Luis Martín, Juanín prepared himself well – he found out the answer to the first question (and apparently to some of the others as well) beforehand by doing a search on Google.

Who scored the first goal of the World Cup competition?  Laurent, a French player.  I know that from memory.

Which player has scored the most goals in the history of the World Cup?  Ronaldo.  Will you invite me to dinner if I know all the answers?

Why is the cat sad and blue?  Because he’s missing the female cat.

Why did Del Bosque decide to grow a moustache?  For aesthetic reasons.

Do you know who Peppa Pig is?  A cartoon.

What does maracanã mean?  Parrot.

Who scored the goal of the Maracanazo?  Ghiggia.

Who painted the painting Sunflowers?  Van Gogh.

What is the patella?  I will say that I don’t know, but it’s the kneecap.

What is the name of Australia’s goalkeeper?  Ryan, who plays for Club Brugge.

And the coach of Chile?  Sampaoli, who is Argentine.

What brings you luck?  Training hard.

Why did the king abdicate?  Due to his age.

What is your favorite restaurant?  Any Spanish restaurant; whenever I go home, I realize how well we eat.  

What is Cialis?  I’ll use the lifeline to ask the audience.

Who is Lula?  The former president of Brazil.

How many goals did Villa score in the 2010 World Cup?  Five.

What sport does Jennifer Pareja play?  Waterpolo, she’s the best in the world.

What book are you reading at the moment?  The one by Jorge Carretero, he gave it to me as a gift the other day.  

Why is Eibar not allowed to be promoted if it isn’t in debt?  They won’t let it.  I don’t know, but it should be promoted because it deserves to be.

Who broke your heart for the first time?  Andrea, a classmate.

When was the last time you got drunk?  I don’t remember.

How many of your friends are unemployed?  I have some.

Why are we not allowed to use Twitter to insult politicians?  There is an open bar on insulting in Twitter.

How many loads of laundry do you do a week?  None.

Why is there no Wi-Fi on the AVE?  There is on the trains in England.

What are gañafones?  It has to do with bullfighting.


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  1. After the big loss last week, your entries lifted my spirit for tomorrow! Mil gracias!

  2. Ahhh! Juan Mata! He’s so precious!

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