yo te seguiré…

The video for Maldita Nerea’s song “Buena energía” featuring (I use that word lightly) Xavi Hernández on the drums, Diego Costa on the bongo and Iker Casillas, Jordi Alba and César Azpilicueta on the tambourine is out!

And of course, the boys are adorable, and the song is catchy!  I expect we’ll be hearing it a lot in the coming months (the song comes out today).

Here’s the full video.

Maldita Nerea singer and songwriter Jorge Ruiz said, “the national team has given us so much that they deserve to have the best of us, our best energy.”

You can find the lyrics in this version of the video.

And here’s the making of video.

By the way, congratulations to César on the birth of his daughter!  Mou really let the cat out of the bag, no?


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  1. Adorable!

  2. Hahahaha, they’re adorable.

    At least Iker wasn’t singing.

  3. Too cute! Thanks for sharing. LOL @ the tambourine men :D

  4. Hi! I’v followed this blog many years and I love this blog so much!!!!!
    Thank you for keeping updating news for us and I was wondering whether I could translate some of your blogs into Chinese and put it on a Chinese site…

    Thanks again for sharing all these for us!!!!!

  5. Davia Davidson

    I was here 4 years ago and I am here again. I am Jamaican but Spain is my team. I hope they win again.

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