summer plans

Newspapers are reporting that the RFEF has chosen Washington D.C. as Spain’s base of operations to prepare for the World Cup, with the team scheduled to arrive at the beginning of June.

Prior to that, the team will begin its concentración on May 26 (except those whose teams reach the Champions League final on May 24; they’ll have a week of vacation and join the team on the day it leaves for the U.S.) in Madrid.  On May 30, La Roja will play a friendly against Bolivia at the Sánchez-Pizjuán in Sevilla.  The players will then get the weekend off before regrouping and flying to Washington on June 2.  There, they will train at the Catholic University of America and play a friendly on June 7.  Potential opponents include Canada, Bolivia (both have Spanish coaches) and Panama.  

As for Brazil, Spain’s headquarters will be in Curitiba.  The team will arrive on June 8 and prepare for its games at the training grounds of local team Atlético Paranaense.  Spain’s first game is on June 13 against the Netherlands in Salvador.  This will be followed by the Spain-Chile match-up on June 18 in Rio de Janeiro.  The team will close out the group stage by facing Australia on June 23 in Curitiba.

UPDATE: Spain will play against El Salvador on June 7 at FedEx Field (Washington, D.C.).

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  1. Given that I live in Washington DC, this makes me smile. Clearly I may need to take some “vacation” days to check out the team :)

  2. Whee! I live close enough to DC to take a trip out for this match!

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