we’re going to Brazil…

… and we’re doing it in style!

Let’s add another star to our jerseys!

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  1. Olé, Olé, Olé! Vamos a la cuádruple, chicos!

    Hahahahaha, Sergio stripping down to his briefs to share his shorts, and Jesus not even blinking :D

  2. I want them to take off their underpants XD

  3. First of all, congratulations to the boys for making it to Brasil! Can’t wait for them to defend their title! Will be interesting to see who ends up making it.

    Also hoping they win to see all the bubbas from the all the new dads! And a baby explosion from those who already had kids.

    And second, thank you Una for the gifs! Mmm…Sergio. I remember when Iker didn’t use to wear biking shorts under his uniform. Those are some lucky people who ended up with their shorts.

  4. Go Spain. Greetings from England :)

  5. Sergio Ramos should get a star tattooed on his chest!

  6. i think i would sell my soul for iker’s game shorts or jersey …

    thanks for these, una! lovely way to end my day. ;-)

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