Iker Casillas – El País Confecup Q&A

Unsurprisingly, Iker got the question “What school did Iker Casillas go to?” right!  As for the other questions and answers, here they are.

What is Pelé called?  Edson Arantes, I think.

What is a folha seca?  When the ball moves strangely and drops very quickly. 

What colors are Botafogo’s shirt?  White and black.  

What team did Garrincha play for?  Brazil. 

What team does Romario’s father support?  Brazil.  

Why are Uruguayans called charrúas?  I don’t know. 

What does mezcal taste like?  I’ve never tried it, so I can’t tell you.  

Who would you do an escrache to?  To people who don’t do good for the rest. 

Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work?  He’s a cartoon character, I don’t know, entertaining children.  

Who sang to the girl from Ipanema?  Really, what kind of questions are these?  I don’t know. 

Who was called “the cat of Maracanã“?  Ramallets.  

What is the percentage of water in a watermelon?  Eighty percent?  

Why are Brazilians protesting on the streets?  For what everyone is protesting over, for cuts in health spending, the increase in rates…

Have you seen any episodes of “Dancin’ Days“?  No.   

Aquí no hay quien viva” or “West Wing”?  “West Wing.” 

Have you ever received a bribe?  No.  

How many millions are unemployed in Spain?  Between five and a half million and six, a ridiculous amount.  

Why doesn’t Rajoy give press conferences?  Ask the spokesperson at La Moncloa.    

Who was Fittipaldi?  I don’t know. 

Are Robe and Andrés Iniesta cousins?  Ask Andrés, he’ll know.  

What is the name of the singer of La Polla Records?  Lu.  

What school did Iker Casillas go to?  To the Pablo Picasso.  

Why are bankers not going to prison?  You should ask the Justice Ministry. 

At what age did you have sex for the first time?  That’s very private.  

Who played at the first concert you went to?  El Canto del Loco.  

What was the Maracanazo?  The final of the 1950 World Cup when Uruguay beat Brazil at the Maracanã, of course.  

What are the British and Irish Lions?  That sounds like the Beatles.  

What is Dalsy?  I have no idea. 

What position did María José Claramunt’s father play?  As a midfielder.  

What is the name of Mou’s dog?  I have no idea.  

Why did Javier Tébas, president of the LFP, try to prevent Messi from playing in the first division?  For a matter related to nationality or something like that.  

What is special about a Brazilian cut panty?  If you’re talking about the one for women, it’s a type of thong.  But it can also be what motorcyclists put around their neck, no?  [“Braga” in Spanish.] 

Who was Feliciano Fidalgo?  I don’t know.  

Why do so many children die in Africa every day?  Because the rest of the planet doesn’t help at all.  

Does size matter?  No. 

What is the name of the woman who cleans your house?  I don’t have a cleaning woman.  

When was the last time you cried?  The last time… I don’t remember. 

Why are there so many talk shows in Spain?  Because we’re a country of people who gossip.  

What would you give as a gift to Sara Carbonero?  Why would I tell you, Lu. 

Which team would you never sign for?  I’ve never thought about that…  

How much do the testicles of a rhinoceros weigh?  Where in the world did you get these questions from?  It should be proportional to its body, how would I know!  Five hundred kilos? 

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  1. grande Capitan.you are the best forever
    thank you una.this site is one of my fav sites

  2. Five hundred kilos?

  3. Being Iker Casillas was actually NOT the guarantee that he would know the answer to the question about Iker Casillas. One of those asked him how much did he weigh at birth and Iker said to go ask his mom, lol.

  4. oh, thank you for this! i was waiting for this one. :)

    (incidentally, i am amazed by the number of them who have never tried mescal, though i can see why. i went to a mescal bar in mexico city and i think i lost four hours of my life! conversely, i’m also amazed in a different way (a good way) that so many of them know the unemployment numbers in spain — most celebrities in north america, at least, are so far removed from that sort of thing and live in such a different world that they have no idea about things like that. you can also tell which ones have kids and which ones do not by the way they answer the spongebob question, jajaja!)

    i love that he doesn’t have a cleaning woman. i love his answer to the sex question (he’s exactly right). i love his exasperation at some of the sillier questions, hee. i was kind of shocked that he chose the west wing (i am trying to picture iker actually watching one of president bartlet’s long, rambling walk-and-talk speeches, let alone understanding it, and it’s giving me fits of giggles). i think he’s fibbing about not knowing the last time he cried, though. and possibly about not knowing the name of mou’s dog, too, but i forgive him for that one. :)

  5. Darn, I figured that he would say the sex question was too personal. Unlike, say, Xavi.

    He doesn’t know the name of Mou’s dog? (shakes head) Well, Iker, no wonder you two fell out.

    He doesn’t remember the last time he cried because there are too many of them (and I love him for it).

    Five hundred kilos = proportional to its body?? LMAO!!!!

  6. Iker is hilarious and grouchy!

  7. Ha ha ha. I was pleasantly surprised to see this since I figured there would be no more after yesterday’s final. Thanks again for all your hard work Una. I hope that you too take a well deserved vacation like the boys. And I hope that they prove everyone wrong and win next year. I am curious if there will be major changes in the current team.

  8. Haha Iker :)

  9. Reblogueó esto en thebeautyofthisworldy comentado:
    La esperada

  10. Iker adorable as always . lol at the rhinoceros answer.

    He’s going to be a dad, such good news. He wanted this badly.

  11. Are there any more of these interviews to go? I was really looking forward to some Silvilla answers

  12. Hahaha, this is hilarious!!

    As always, thanks for taking the time to translate and share news about the team, Una! besos from london X

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