con La Roja!

We may have lost to Brazil (congratulations to them), but I’m still proud of my team and to support La Roja.  Volveremos.

P.S.  As Mr. Chip pointed out, the reigning champion of the Confecup has never won the World Cup.


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  1. Agreed! Brazil had their home crowd and played a great game. Spain will be back!

  2. the guys did well.will forever love la roja.

  3. So am I! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts during this tournament!

  4. ugh. that was so, so hard to watch … it broke my heart, and then to see iker crying afterwards … damn.

    it isn’t the end of the world, it’s “only” the confederations cup (but naturally, i wanted them to win), but they just weren’t themselves today on the pitch. i don’t know if it was fatigue or that brazil surprised them or both or neither, but it was painful to see them lose that severely, and more painful still to watch iker struggle. his detractors are already calling for his head and having a field day. i hope he’s gotten all his jitters and anxiety and rustiness out of his system in this tournament and regains his confidence and strength in front of the goal in time for WC qualifiers (not to mention the new RM season).

    congrats to brazil, though, they fought hard and deserved the win.

  5. Like Mr. Chip I pointed out the same thing to my sisters.. Brazil fans.. jajaja.. Arriba la Furia Roja!! :)

  6. Siempre con La Roja. First of all, congratulations to Brazil, they played well and Spain just looked out of sorts. It’s strange because after the first goal, I thought that luck was not on their side and everything that could go wrong, did in this game. While I would have loved to have seen Iker raise another trophy, I hope that this teaches VdB lessons in time for the World Cup (still a little nervewracking about qualifying). Better now than in the WC. And Spain lost in 2009 to win the WC, lost at the Olympics to win Euro 2012. And La Rojita is doing quite well, so I know that the future looks bright. Very proud of this team and all that they have accomplished!!!!

  7. We will change that story! I believe in Brasil, and today we showed that we have the quality to beat anyone… We still have many things to improve, but we’re on the right track!! The thing that gets me a little sad is that Xabi will probably be here next year and I want to see him happy and drunk… Arrgh!!! it’ll be like sophie’s choice :|

  8. Hi there Una! So sad that they didn’t win and it’s the only missing piece. Anyway, yes we’re proud of them and they’re a great team nonetheless. I just want to say thank you for all your posts. I really look forward to them everyday and am especially excited when La Roja has a match. Thank you so much for this!!! It means a lot for a fan from another continent and with little access to La Roja news. I wish you the best always!

  9. Vamos chicos! Never mind, I’m actually happy they didn’t win this one either. Let people’s envy dimish a little now.

  10. I am still proud too and I am looking forward to World Cup! It’s hard to say but Brasil was lot better yesterday,congratulations to them …

  11. Let’s hope for some revenge next year! Junto con la roja!

  12. I am more than proud of the team, they did not have a good game but there were a lot of things going against them. I know they will come back!

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