the beach boys

I had previously expressed a desire for La Roja to be more like La Rojita, and while I’m still waiting for a locker room celebration video, the day at the beach was a nice start!  The team had Monday morning off (until four in the afternoon), so they headed to the Praia do Futuro, located some distance from the city center.  There, they lounged around and ate at a lounge/restaurante/bar called Guarderia Brasil, which closed to everyone else so that the players could pass the time tranquilly.

Many of our boys went into the water for a dip, and Pedro even practiced some water sports.  It also appears that Javi forgot to pack swim trunks in his suitcase, as he wore a pair of game shorts.

Others preferred to stay dry and sat around the bar or on the sun lounges.

If you look past the shirtless Andrés (hopefully he got a lot of sun!), Cesc, Sergio Busquets, Xavi and Gerard Piqué (hard to do, I know!), you’ll notice more players sitting behind them.  Some are also shirtless (yay!) – Iker, Sergio, Pepe – while others stubbornly refused to join in the fun (for us, I mean).

I’m looking at you Davids, Jordi and Chori!  Come on, even Dr. Cota laid out with the players.

Why didn’t anyone take a group photo?

During the previous night, the team, with the encouragement of fisio Miguel Gutiérrez, had continued with its tradition of celebrating the Noche de San Juan by going onto the beach and lighting a bonfire.  Each time Spain has done this, it has won the tournament it was competing in.

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  1. Emma Tiede (@Justicerocks11)

    Love these pictures! Thanks for posting them. Hope for a locker room celebration soon!

  2. Awesome, glad they took time to relax and have fun! Vamos a la final!
    Thank you so much for writing this blog :) best way to keep up with La Roja from a fan’s POV. Keep it up, thanks!

  3. These beach pictures were nice and brightened up my day, especially after the allegations against La Roja (which I can’t imagine given the years winning, their families, and the concentrations). And yes, I don’t think I have ever seen David Villa shirtless or pantless (I’m looking back Euro 2008 celebrations when even Iker and Xavi were in their skivvies). I mean, there must be players that would want to swap with the top Spanish goal scorer? Anyway, I digress, all players should have gone shirtless to soak up some sun! But at least I enjoyed the remaining eye candy. The funniest was Juan Mata signing someone’s shirt while in the surf.

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