meet our U-20 team

The La Rojita fiesta is continuing with our U-20 team, currently competing in the U-20 World Cup in Turkey!  The team is coached by Julen Lopetegui and Santi Denia, fresh off their win in the U-21 Euro.

In La Rojita’s first game against the United States, Jesé and Gerard Deulofeu each scored two goals to win 4-1.

On Monday, in Spain’s second game, we beat Ghana 1-0 behind a goal from Jesé, which also moved us into the knockout stage.  Up next is France on June 27.

In the great tradition of Spanish national teams, the U-20 team also has several endearing bromances.  Perhaps the most well-known – and productive – one is the one between Jesé and Gerard Deulofeu.  They even celebrated Jesé’s first goal against the United States with a dance, along with Derik.  According to Jesé, “we’re always joking around.  We agreed that if any of us scored, we would do it.”  Deulo finishes, “we practiced in the locker room, before going out to warm up.”  They also sat down together for an interview with Marca, and this was the result.

How did you two meet?  GD: we met during the Santarem tournament, when we played for the U-16 team.  I was 15 and he was 16.

Are you true friends, or the type that only sends each other Christmas greetings?  GD: No, man!  Of course we get along really well and that’s obvious.  JR: it’s clear, we have a great friendship.  We speak often even when we’re not playing for the national team.

What do you like about the other?  GD: what don’t I like, he’s got everything!  Everything!  Speed, dribbling, goalscoring… and as a person, he’s happy and fun, I have a great time with him.  JR: as a footballer, apart from what everyone knows, it’s the way he can change the rhythm, his dribbling and his shot.  What I like most about Deulo is his ambition and his character, he’s a player that always wants more, he never gives up.  He’s a footballer that makes the difference.  And as a person, we’re very much alike.  When you get along with someone, it’s because you have things in common.  If not, you’re not going to connect.  I laugh a lot with him, when we’re together, with Derik, Suso, Campaña, Paco… we’re all characters.

Who are your references on the senior team?  GD: Xavi and Iniesta, they’re always references.  It’s a pleasure to watch them play.  I also study Torres, I like him a lot and he always shows up in the finals to make a difference.  JR: there are great players, and I had to choose one, it would be Villa.  He always has goalscoring on his mind and he helps the team.  Then there’s Casillas, who is important as the captain, and Sergio Ramos, for how he carries the team.

Marca also tested them on each other, making them answer several questions about the other such as where they were born, what type of music they listen to (both like reggaeton), their agent (Ginés Carvajal in both cases) and favorite foods.  Both of them scored 100 percent.

As for the rest of the team, well they’re all pretty adorable too.  Get to know a little more about them through this mini-questionnaire conducted by Marca.

Adrián Ortolá.

Number: 13.  Position: goalkeeper.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Jávea.  Club: Barcelona.  Idol: Valdés.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: paella.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Barça.  Music: Rulo and Melendi.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Laura. Twitter: @ortola13.

Daniel Sotres.

Number: 1.  Position: goalkeeper.  Age: 20.  Place of birth: Santiago de Cudeyo.  Club: Racing.  Idol: Casillas.  Hobby: padel.  Studies: first year of psychology.  Favorite food: macaroni.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Bayern Munich.  Music: Melendi and El Canto del Loco.  Sports brand: HO Soccer.  Single or girlfriend: Lidia.  Twitter: @danisotres.

Rúben Yáñez.

Number: 21.  Position: goalkeeper.  Age: 21.  Place of birth: Blanes.  Club: Real Madrid.  Idol: Casillas.  Hobby: billiards. Studies: second year of business administration.  Favorite food: escalopes with potatoes.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Bayern Munich.  Music: Sean Paul.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @ruben_yanez1.

Jonny (Jonatan Castro).

Number: 20.  Position: fullback.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Vigo.  Club: Celta.  Idol: Ronaldinho.  Hobby: sleeping and Play.  Studies: second year of the Spanish Baccalaureate.  Favorite food: steak with potatoes.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Celta. Music: Melendi.  Sports brand: Lotto. Single or girlfriend: Rocío.  Twitter: none.

Derik Osede.

Number: 4.  Position: centerback.  Age: 20.  Place of birth: Madrid.  Club: Real Madrid.  Idol: Roberto Carlos.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: after the second year of the Spanish Baccalaureate, physical education.  Favorite food: salads.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Madrid.  Music: hip hop.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @derikosede.

Israel Puerto.

Number: 5.  Position: centerback.  Age: 20.  Place of birth: El Viso del Alcor.  Club: Sevilla.  Idol: Puyol.  Hobby: Play.  Studies: second year of the Spanish Baccalaureate.  Favorite food: salad with tomatoes and eggs.  Tattoos: five.  FIFA Football team: Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.  Music: reggaeton.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @israelpuerto5.

Javier Manquillo.

Number: 2.  Position: fullback.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Madrid.  Club: Atlético.  Idol: Torres.  Hobby: spending time with friends.  Studies: second year of the Spanish Baccalaureate.  Favorite food: none.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Atleti.  Music: no favorites.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: María.  Twitter: @javiermanquillo.

Diego Llorente.

Number: 12.  Position: centerback.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Madrid.  Club: Real Madrid.  Idol: Sergio Ramos.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: first year of education.  Favorite food: rice with tomatoes.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Real Madrid.  Music: Melendi.  Sports brand: Puma.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @diego_2llorente.

Saúl Ñíguez.

Number: 15.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 18.  Place of birth: Elche.  Club: Atlético.  Idol: Gerrard.  Hobby: spending time with friends.  Studies: physical and sports activities.  Favorite food: crusted rice.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Atlético.  Music: Juan Magán.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Yaiza.  Twitter: @saulniguez.

José Gómez Campaña.

Number: 6.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 20.  Place of birth: Sevilla.  Club: Sevilla.  Idol: Iniesta and Xavi.  Hobby: padel.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: lentils.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Barcelona.  Music: flamenco.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: none.

José Luis Gayà.

Number: 3.  Position: fullback.  Age: 18.  Place of birth: Pedreguer.  Club: Valencia.  Idol: Jordi Alba.  Hobby: Play.  Studies: second year of the Spanish Baccalaureate.  Favorite food: spaghetti.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Bayern Munich.  Music: En Canto del Loco.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @jose_gaya.

Jairo Samperio.

Number: 19.  Position: winger.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Cabezón de la Sal.  Club: Racing.  Idol: Pedro.  Hobby: spending time with friends.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: Cuban-style rice.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Bayern Munich and Barcelona.  Music: En Canto del Loco.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Carmen.  Twitter: @jairotheki.

Ager Aketxe.

Number: 14.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Bilbao.  Club: Athletic.  Idol: Fran Yeste.  Hobby: Play.  Studies: coaching.  Favorite food: steak.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Athletic.  Music: Reggaeton.  Sports brand: none.  Single or girlfriend: Paula.  Twitter: @ageraketxe10.

Suso (Jesús Fernández).

Number: 8.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Algeciras.  Club: Liverpool.  Idol: Zidane.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: my mother’s meat stew.  Tattoos: one on my arm.  FIFA Football team: REal Madrid.  Music: Lil Wayne.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @suso30fernandez.

Denis Suárez.

Number: 18.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 18.  Place of birth: Pontevedra.  Club: Manchester City.  Idol: Gustavo López.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: ESO and English.  Favorite food: seafood.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Celta.  Music: all types.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Sandra.  Twitter: @denissuarez36.

Óliver Torres.

Number: 16.  Position: midfielder.  Age: 18.  Place of birth: Navalmoral.  Club: Atlético.  Idol: Ronaldinho.  Hobby: fishing.  Studies: journalism.  Favorite food: Extremaduran-style migas. Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Atlético.  Music: Dani Martín.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @olitorres10.

Jesé Rodríguez.

Number: 10.  Position: forward.  Age: 20.  Place of birth: Las Palmas.  Club: Real Madrid.  Idol: Cristiano.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: pasta.  Tattoos: three, names of family members.  FIFA Football team: Real Madrid and Spain.  Music: hip hop.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: (didn’t answer.)  Twitter: @jeserodriguez10.

Gerard Deulofeu.

Number: 17.  Position: winger.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Riudaneras.  Club: Barcelona.  Idol: none.  Hobby: going to the movies.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: spaghetti.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Barcelona.  Music: Estopa.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Mari Carmen.  Twitter: @gerardeulofeu.

Rúben García.

Number: 7.  Position: forward.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Valencia.  Club: Levante.  Idol: Raúl.  Hobby: Play.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: Cuban-style rice.  Tattoos: two.  FIFA Football team: Real Madrid and Tottenham.  Music: Queen.  Sports brand: Puma.  Single or girlfriend: single.  Twitter: @rubensan93.

Juan Bernat.

Number: 11.  Position: fullback.  Age: 18.  Place of birth: Valencia.  Club: Valencia.  Idol: Vicente.  Hobby: tennis.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: pizza.  Tattoos: none.  FIFA Football team: Valencia and Bayern Munich.  Music: rap and reggaeton.  Sports brand: Adidas.  Single or girlfriend: (did not answer).  Twitter: none.

Paco Alcácer.

Number: 9.  Position: forward.  Age: 19.  Place of birth: Valencia.  Club: Valencia.  Idol: Kempes and (Brazilian) Ronaldo. Hobby: padel.  Studies: ESO.  Favorite food: paella.  Tattoos: two, for his parents.  FIFA Football team: Manchester City.  Music: Melendi.  Sports brand: Nike.  Single or girlfriend: Bea.  Twitter: @paco_alcacer.


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  1. I’ve been watching this baby Rojita team as well – thanks for the introduction!

    Maybe in Jese and Deulofeu we’ll have another star-crossed Xavi/Casillas bromance for the ages :).

    Shame on Marca for making it sound like “single” or “girlfriend” are the only acceptable answers, even in a country in which gay marriage is legal.

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