if the football doesn’t work out…

… some of these boys could have a promising career in another profession.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

(I’m thinking strippers, for those of you with innocent minds.)

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  1. Um… as comedians? I mean, yeah, those are impressive abs, but these guys are too funny! What is that bird dance that Iker and Marc are doing in the fourth gif? And what the heck is going on in the bus?

  2. Ha ha ha!

  3. BTW, what does maquina translate into? Literally it’s machine. Is it like “crack”?

  4. They would be totally perfect for this kind of job! They are sooo awesome :-D… each time when I think I couldn’t love them more, they always prove me wrong:)

  5. your mind is more innocent than mine, una … i was thinking porn stars! :p

  6. Emma Tiede (@Justicerocks11)

    Thanks Una, I was thinking comedians but I can so totally see what you mean.

    And Iker is way to hot! *dies* like seriously. I really need to start sending some angry letters to certain TV company’s who bought out the rights to La Liga but don’t have a channel to air them in my country. Last season I couldn’t watch any games *cries* I missed all the goals, hotness, cuteness and all the bromance moments, plus I missed what I like to call “Mini El Clasico” between Biliblo and Barca (because so many Bilabo players and Barca players play in the teams leagues together)

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