Gerard Piqué – El País Confecup Q&A

Spurs fan Gerard Piqué is the next one to answer the random, obscure questions that make up the El País Q&A.

Gerard Piqué jokes around as he answers the Q&A.  He says time is crawling along because he hasn’t been able to see his son Milan, and that concentraciones bore him extremely, but he’s resigned to them because he knows that’s the price he has to pay to play in the elite.

What is Pelé called?  Edson Arantes do Nascimento.  Are all of the questions this easy?  Let’s do it.  

What is a folha seca?  It’s what Alves tries to do and never can do.  No, seriously, it’s a way to strike the ball.    

What colors are Botafogo’s shirt?  White and black.  

What team did Garrincha play for?  For Botafogo, during his entire life.  And with the Brazilian national team, of course. 

What team does Romario’s father support?  I don’t know.  Why would you think I would know?  

Why are Uruguayans called charrúas?  For their courage, I suppose.   

What does mezcal taste like?  If I drink, it will be a gin and tonic, but not a lot.  I prefer a good juice.  

Who would you do an escrache to?  To anyone who takes advantage of a disabled person. 

Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work?  At the bottom of the sea.  

Who sang “The Girl from Ipanema“?  Alves sings it each morning in the shower. 

Who was called “the cat of Maracanã“?  Ramallets, a legend for el barcelonismo, during the 1950 World Cup.  

What is the percentage of water in a watermelon?  Extremely high, 90 percent or so.   

Why are Brazilians protesting on the streets?  They want social improvements.  It must be for something.  

Have you seen any episodes of Dancin’ Days?  Never. 

Aquí no hay quien viva” or “West Wing”?  I prefer “Prison Break” and “Homeland.” 

Have you ever received a bribe?  Never.  

How many millions are unemployed in Spain?  Almost six million.  It’s absolutely disgraceful.  

Why doesn’t Rajoy give press conferences?  That’s what I ask myself.  

Who was Fittipaldi?  A Brazilian Formula One driver. 

Are Robe and Andrés Iniesta cousins?  They’re like brothers.  

What is the name of the singer of La Polla Records?  I have never listened to that group in my life.  

What school did Iker Casillas go to?  He didn’t go often, he seems to be the type to have had many truancies.  

Why are bankers not going to prison?  Hombre, some have gone already.  And others will end up behind bars.  But I don’t like to generalize, I’m sure there are honest ones as well. 

At what age did you have sex for the first time?  At 20, it’s because I’m very shy.  

Who played at the first concert you went to?  El Canto del Loco [another one?].  

What was the Maracanazo?  Brazil’s loss to Uruguay in the final of the 1950 World Cup.  

What are the British and Irish Lions?  A band?  I don’t know…  

What is Dalsy?  A chocolate bar.  No, it’s a medicine for children. 

What position did María José Claramunt’s father play?  Midfielder, he was very good.  

What is the name of Mou’s dog?  I don’t know.  

Why did Javier Tébas, president of the LFP, try to prevent Messi from playing in the first division?  For a legal issue.  

What is special about a Brazilian cut panty?  The size of the fabric.  

Who was Feliciano Fidalgo?  He has the name of a writer, but I don’t know…  

Why do so many children die in Africa every day?  Due to hunger, diseases…  

Does size matter?  Of course. 

What is the name of the woman who cleans your house?  Mayra.  

When was the last time you cried?  I don’t know, a while ago. 

Why are there so many talk shows in Spain?  Because it sells.  

What would you give as a gift to Sara Carbonero?  I would ask Iker to give me advice on what she would like. 

Which team would you never sign for?  Madrid.  

How much do the testicles of a rhinoceros weigh?   One and a half kilos.

By the way, I adore these two tweets from Geri and couldn’t agree with him more.  In the first one, he writes, “what ever happens today, I am and always will be a big fan of Tim Duncan and the Spurs!”

At the risk of sounding frivolous, I have a slightly higher opinion of him now that I found out he’s a big TD and Spurs fan, just like me!  And the way he answered some of the questions above helped the case too!


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  1. Because he’s so shy? I’d sooner believe that it was because he’s so short.

  2. Wth?? everybodies first concert was from El Canto del Loco???

  3. 20?
    I like that he was willing to admit being a little older tbh

  4. I also liked his answers. (I laughed at the ones about Casillas and Alves.) I also laughed that both he and Fabregas know about Sponge Bob, but their babies are too young to watch tv. I can only assume they are fans. ;) I didn’t know he was such an expert on all things football, like Xavi! The picture of him kissing Shakira’s star is pretty cute, too.

  5. Impressed by the number of answers Pique knew. I liked the two blue answers. Have there been any answers besides the one from Xavi that has been highlighted in pink?

  6. iker? truancies? hahaha! that made me giggle. he strikes me as the exact opposite — mr goody two-shoes!

    what also made me giggle was the way he teased alves. i love when player are affectionate like that.

    though i am having a hard time believing he didn’t have sex until he was 20 …

  7. Emma Tiede (@Justicerocks11)

    Pique’s so cute! :D But he’s a lier ;) no way he didn’t have sex until he was twenty. He and Fabregas almost got kicked out of La Masia because they were breaking curfew and partying and going to clubs.

    Did I mention his answers are simply adorable, just like him? All of these players are so adorable in their own unique way. I also appreciate him being honest when he was asked what club he’d never play for. Although I can understand why others would choose not to answer I’d be surprised if he didn’t answer honestly.

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