Cesc – El País Confecup Q&A

Of course he would.

Cesc Fàbregas narrows his eyes after every answer, and usually gives two: the first one is usually unrepeatable [don’t you think we should get both versions?].  He says he misses his daughter Lia.

What is Pelé’s called?  They call him O Rei.  

What is a folha seca?  A way to strike the ball, Cristiano does it like that.    

What colors are Botafogo’s shirt?  Green and dark red?  

What team did Garrincha play for?  Brazil. 

What team does Romario’s father support?  When he played for Barça, he must have supported Barça.  

Why are Uruguayans called charrúas?  I don’t know. 

What does mezcal taste like?  I’ve never tried it and I don’t think I ever will.  

Who would you do an escrache to?  To Piqué.  I have more than enough reasons to do so. 

Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work?  At a bar at the bottom of the ocean.  

Who sang “The Girl from Ipanema“?  I don’t know, Bob Marley? 

Who was called “the cat of Maracanã“?  Ramallets.  

What is the percentage of water in a watermelon?  It’s very high, 90 percent or so.  

Why are Brazilians protesting out on the streets?  They have their reasons.

Have you seen any episodes of Dancin’ Days?  No. 

Aquí no hay quien viva” or “West Wing”?  I haven’t seen either of those.

Have you ever received a bribe?  Never.  

How many millions are unemployed in Spain?  According to what I read on the plane, almost six million.  It’s an embarrassment.   

Why doesn’t Rajoy give press conferences?  Because he must be afraid of the questions.  

Who was Fittipaldi?  A driver. 

Are Robe and Andrés Iniesta cousins?  I don’t know, ask Andrés.  

What is the name of the singer of La Polla Records?  I really have no idea.  

What school did Iker Casillas go to?  I don’t know, but they should name it after him, no?  

Why are bankers not going to prison?  Some, because they have a lot of money.     

At what age did you have sex for the first time?  At 17… I can’t tell the truth!  

Who played at the first concert you went to?  El Canto del Loco, I believe, in Arenys, at the football field.  

What was the Maracanazo?  Brazil’s loss to Uruguay in the final of the 1950 World Cup.  

What are the British and Irish Lions?  A pop group from Belfast.  

What is Dalsy?  It sounds familiar… let me think.  Something for infants? 

What position did María José Claramunt’s father play?  Midfielder.  

What is the name of Mou’s dog?  Rinho, how would I know…  

Why did Javier Tébas, president of the LFP, try to prevent Messi from playing in the first division?  Because he doesn’t like football.  

What is special about a Brazilian cut panty?  The lack of fabric.  

Who was Feliciano Fidalgo?  The only Feliciano I know is the tennis player.  

Why do so many children die in Africa every day?  Because the wealth in the world is poorly divided.    

Does size matter?  Of course. 

What is the name of the woman who cleans your house?  Mirna.  

When was the last time you cried?  Three weeks ago. 

Why are there so many talk shows in Spain?  Because in this country, talking matters more than doing.  

What would you give as a gift to Sara Carbonero?  I would ask Iker. 

Which team would you never sign for?  I don’t know, I’m not planning on leaving where I am.  

How much do the testicles of a rhinoceros weigh?  850 grams. 

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  1. At what age did you have sex for the first time? At 17… I can’t tell the truth!

    Can’t tell the truth?
    I’m surprised at how many are answering this.

  2. Emma Tiede (@Justicerocks11)

    Oh Cesc lol :D He’s so funny. Thanks for posting this.

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