Raúl Albiol – El País Confecup Q&A

The El País Q&As are back, and the questions are as obscure as ever!  In a nod to Brazil hosting the tournament and Spain’s first rival, there is a South American twist to the questions.   And of course, the obligatory animal question.  The first player in the hot seat was Raúl Albiol (you can see VDB’s here).

What is Pelé’s name?  What is Pelé’s name?  I have no idea.

What is a folha seca?    A type of kick.

What colors are Botafogo’s shirt?  Black and white.

What team did Garrincha play for?  Brazil.

What team does Romario’s father support?  Internacional?

Why are Uruguayans called charrúas?  I have no idea.   

What does mezcal taste like?  Like pure alcohol, I suppose.

Who would you do an escrache to?  To no one.

Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work?  Under the sea, but I have no idea what he does.

Who sang “The Girl from Ipanema“?  I don’t know, I have no idea.

Who was called “the cat of Maracanã“?  A Spanish goalkeeper.

What is the percentage of water in a watermelon?  I don’t know, a lot.  Eighty percent.

Where was Tahamata born?  I don’t know.

Have you seen any episodes of Dancin’ Days?  No.  

Aquí no hay quien viva” or “West Wing”?  “Aquí no hay quien viva.”   

Have you ever received a bribe?  No.

How many millions are unemployed in Spain?  Six.

Why doesn’t Rajoy give press conferences?  He must be in a bad way, I have no idea.

Who was Fittipaldi?  A race car driver.  

Are Robe and Andrés Iniesta cousins?  No.

What is the name of the singer of La Polla Records?  La polla what?

What school did Iker Casillas go to?  I’m sure he went to a school for angels.

Why are bankers not going to prison?  Go find out.  

At what age did you have sex for the first time?  At 15.

Who played at the first concert you went to?  El Canto del Loco.

What was the Maracanazo?  Uruguay’s victory during the World Cup in Brazil.

What are the British and Irish Lions?  A musical group.

What is Dalsy?  Medication to treat fever in children. 

What position did María José Claramunt’s father play?  Midfielder.

What is the name of Mou’s dog?  No idea.

Why did Javier Tébas, president of the LFP, try to prevent Messi from playing in the first division?  I just found out.

What is special about a Brazilian cut panty?  The string.

Who was Feliciano Fidalgo?  I don’t know.

Why do so many children die in Africa every day?  Because there are many diseases and very few resources.

Does size matter?  Size does matter, but what matters more is that it works.

What is the name of the woman who cleans your house?  Joana.

When was the last time you cried? Uf, I don’t remember.

Why are there so many talk shows in Spain?  Because it’s a country where people talk a lot, we all talk about everything.

What would you give as a gift to Sara Carbonero?  To Sara and Iker or just Sara?  I don’t know, I’ll ask Iker for advice.

Which team would you never sign for?  I don’t have manias.

How much do the testicles of a rhinoceros weigh?  At least three and a half kilos.

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  1. At what age did you have sex for the first time? At 15.

    Woah! Did they just ask him that?
    Did he just answer that!?

    Oh I can’t wait to see some of the other answers to this.

  2. the people who come up with these questions must have a lot of fun; it makes these footballers look so bad.

  3. i love Raul Albiol soooo much…but com’ on he really didn’t knew about SpongeBob???

  4. Yes! I was hoping El Pais would do their questionnaires again! As always, gracias Una! :)

  5. thanks una.for the translation.cant wait for torres.

  6. These questionnaires and well, the answers, always make me laugh! I still remember and laugh about the one Xavi answered about the ban on midgets fighting.

  7. “What school did Iker Casillas go to? I’m sure he went to a school for angels.

    Why are bankers not going to prison? Go find out.”

    I think I love this man!

  8. hahaha I think if i had to do this, i’ll fail for sure. some of those are so obscure!

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