ready for the Confecup?

The boys all looked very happy to be back together again, and we are also happy to have our team back together again, no?

Let’s go win that Confecup!

La Roja.

The concentración for the Confederations Cup began on Tuesday in Madrid.  The team had a training session and various events before taking a flight to Miami.  All of the players except for Gerard Piqué, who had permission to join the team in Miami, as he’s already in the United States, showed up at Las Rozas.  There was a hug between new (club) teammates Jesús Navas and David Silva.  I’m glad that Jesús will have someone to take care of him in Manchester, much like Sergio did in Sevilla and with the national team.  Speaking of Sergio and Jesús, they also shared a hug…

… as did Sergio and Andrés Iniesta.  I love how much this team loves each other!

Fashion reviews in 10 words and less.  Cesc: stole his outfit and style from a 10-year-old kid.  Fernando Torres: ready for the field trip to the zoo.  Roberto Soldado: member of former boy band trying to stay relevant.

David Villa: has the worst jean collection ever.  Iker Casillas: joder, that bag is still around?

Xavi: borrowed jeans from Villa’s collection, obviously.

Some of the boys looked much better once they had changed into their La Roja clothes for the events.  One of the events was the presentation of Audemars Piguet watches from the RFEF via Chocrón to those players who had won the 2012 Eurocopa.  Each watch was personalized with the name of the player and the date the title was won, July 1, 2012.  On hand to receive the watches in the name of the team were Iker Casillas, Xavi, Torres, Sergio, Iniesta and Silva, the six players with the most caps on the current team, as well as VDB.  I wonder how often they wear all the watches they have received from sponsors, the RFEF and the ones Sergio forced out of Iberdrola’s president.

Team sponsor and insurance company Pelayo also presented each of the players and members of the coaching staff with insurance policies before everyone posed together for the obligatory foto de familia.  Iker’s legs are so white, they’re glowing!

There was also recess the training session.

Then it was time to fly to Miami.  On the plane, some players couldn’t sleep and walked around, while others had no trouble at all (video here).

The team arrived in the United States on Tuesday evening, local time (early hours of Wednesday morning in Spain).

As for photos shared by the boys on social networks, there was one constant: Pepe Reina!  Always the life of the party, that boy!  (By the way, he’s now on Twitter!)

As for other events our boys were involved in during the past few days, David Villa (wearing an eye-catching polka dotted sweater), Pepe Reina and Iker attended Mediaset’s presentation of the Confederations Cup.

There was also the tribute game for Dani Jarque, played at the Cornellà-El Prat on Monday.  A team made up of (mostly) Espanyol players, past and present, took on an all-star team with players from other teams, captained by Andrés Iniesta.  Also on the all-star team were the likes of Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata, Cesc, Xavi, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets.  All of the players wore “21” and “Jarque” on their jerseys in honor of Dani.

Here we have Andrés giving Martina, Dani’s daughter, a kiss!

Vicente del Bosque handed out awards for sportsmanship on Friday, and one of the winners was Alejandro Rodríguez, a five-year-old Canarian boy captured in this now iconic moment during a game, separating the rival coach and the referee, who were arguing.

VDB was very affectionate with Alejandro, who said his favorite teams are Real Madrid, Las Palmas and Spain, and one of his favorite players is fellow Canarian David Silva.  Meanwhile, VDB said, “we can fail to score, but we can’t fail to behave.”

We also had David Villa on El Hormiguero.  Pablo Motos asked him who he’s most excited about seeing on the national team, and David said everyone, but “especially Pepe, I was just speaking on the phone with him.”  They then chat about the Confederations Cup and the desire to win it, Vicente del Bosque (David describes him as “all heart” and “a marvelous person”), and what goes on during concentraciones (David doesn’t play Play, as he prefers cards, but he believes Raúl Albiol is probably the best videogamer on the team.  And, he (David) does not cheat at cards, never!).  They also talk about his injury: “I was surprised by my daughter, how at the age of seven, she turns eight this year, how strong she was.  She slept with me one night in the hospital and then afterward she watched over me, telling me when to take my medicine, making sure my phone was always charged, seeing if I needed water.”

Pablo jokes about how David and Patricia were visited by the stork while Villa was injured, showing that some parts of him were “still working.”  Pablo also points out that Pepe’s son is also named Luca, and asks who had the idea first.  David replies they have different versions of the story, then explains that he and Pepe have spent a lot of time together since the U-21 level, that their wives get along very well, and he always wanted to name his son Luca.  If Zaida and Olaya had been boys, they would have been named Luca.  He says Pepe knew this, but ended up having a son first.  He then goes on to talk about how he loves having a family and can’t remember the time without them.

Trancas and Barrancas also test David Villa by playing clips of footballers singing, and having him guess who they are, after showing a clip of him doing that duet with Ana Torroja and complimenting his voice.  One of those clips is the famous one of Iker singing “Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás” with Amaral before the 2006 World Cup, and another is Sergio Ramos’ duet with Canelita, whom David recognizes right away.  They end with the usual silly games and experiments.

And here’s a little graphic via El País summarizing the Confecup (made after the list of 26 was announced).

La Rojita.

La Rojita had a busy week in Madrid, between training sessions and the players going back to their clubs for the last games of the season.  There was also time for fittings (I love how Álvaro Vázquez called Iñigo Martínez a “modelazo”) and a group photo…

… and of course the training sessions that looked more like recess, just like with La Roja.

Here are some photos the boys shared via their Twitter accounts.  I adore Jordi Amat for showing up for the Fútbol Draft awards in a tuxedo!

The team jetted off to Israel on Monday to defend Spain’s U-21 Euro title.  The headquarters of the team during their time in Israel is Herzliya, and their first game is Thursday, against Russia.

Here are the jersey numbers for the tournament.  1. David De Gea.  2. Martín Montoya.  3. Asier Illarramendi.  4. Nacho Fernández.  5. Marc Bartra.  6. Iñigo Martínez.  7. Sergio Canales.  8. Koke Resurrección.  9. Rodrigo Moreno.  10. Thiago Alcántara.  11. Cristian Tello.  12. Álvaro Morata.  13. Diego Mariño.  14. Ignacio Camacho.  15. Marc Muniesa.  16. Álvaro González.  17. Pablo Sarabia.  18. Alberto Moreno.  19. Iker Muniain.  20. Dani Carvajal.  21. Álvaro Vázquez.  22. Isco Alarcón.  23. Joel Robles.

Posts will be sparse over the next week, because I am going on vacation!  Beach, here I come!


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  1. Hey Una,

    I read the 2010 posts in 2013, just glad that this time I will be on time! My cable TV is already paid for and ready to cheer for Spain, well Nigeria first of course!

    And also, thank you so much for your posts, I have learnt a alot from La Roja and with that I have been able to share some ideas with some so that we get our country to participate in Brazil next year. By the way, Spain is like a reference point on team work here where we also have our own Barca vs Madrid madness! And did I meantion that I just became an expert in all things Spain NT?

    Kisses to you and I cant wait to read more and more….

    PS: Why did Jesus go to MCFC? I wanted those eyes (and skills) in a red shirt!

  2. I love the picture of Pepe and David ! And to what Alvarito said- they ALL are “modelazos” :D Thanks for the post, have a nice vacation !

  3. Thanks for this post! I’m going to the friendly vs. Ireland next week and can’t wait to see them in person!

    I think that we also need to consider the possibility that it is David Villa who is borrowing from Xavi’s horrendous jeans collection.


  4. I love to see them all together again! Do you feel like for some of them, this is more “home” than their clubs? They can be sold or transfer to another club, but they will always be Spanish!
    Enjoy the beach!

  5. So good to see them together again!

  6. LOVE this update!! Its so great to see all these boys together again for another campaign. Always my favorite screen shots are those of recess/training. Thanks una as always for helping to post these updates! Enjoy your vacation!!

  7. Enjoy your vacation Una! I love your fashion comments! The video of the boys on the plane was great. And thanks for translating Villa’s video (my Spanish still isn’t perfect). But he was definitely embarrassed when Pablo mentioned that “other parts were working”. Can’t wait to see them next Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. Wishing them all the luck!

  8. although you have decided to stop with your madrid blog but you will be continuing with your la roja one, right???

  9. thank u for this post! I hope they do well

    btw, r u going anywhere special for vacation? What beach is ur absolute favorite whether it is in spain or somewhere else? t c

    • unamadridista

      Where to start? There are so many great beaches in Spain! I’m partial to the Baleares and the north, especially País Vasco (Itzurun Beach in Zumaia and Zarautz Beach in Zarautz are favorites).

  10. i just found your blog recently…just as i became a football fan not so long ago. i always look forward to your post about my favorite team. :) btw, i’m reading your blog here in Philippines. thanks for all the updates. it made me feel like i’m so close to them :)

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