Víctor Valdés at Men’s Health España

A shirtless (and smoldering) Víctor Valdés is featured on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health.  Inside, a fitness expert analyzes VV’s body (why can’t I have a job that requires such an action?), there is a little write-up (unfortunately, there is no long interview like the one with Sergio Ramos), and happily, there are more shirtless photos.

There’s nothing too interesting in the article, so I won’t bother to translate.  The only interesting part is the sidebar, which is titled “The four faces of Valdés.”  From top to bottom, they are demanding, with a fighting spirit, superstitious and versatile.  Demanding: Valdés knows what he wants and he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants.  That’s what happened with his gloves.  He didn’t find what he wanted on the market, so he came up with his own.  A designer in the United States was tasked with making his perfect gloves a reality.  With a fighting spirit: it’s not easy being Barcelona’s goalkeeper.  Not everyone can withstand the pressure of 100,000 spectators at Camp Nou.  When Valdés joined Barça 11 years ago, he didn’t give up and didn’t stop until he was able to show his value and win over the public.  Superstitious: there is a long list of rituals done in an effort to attract good luck: avoiding the lines on the field, making the sign of the cross before each game, having a lucky dollar, changing the color of the shirt if the game ends in a loss…  Versatile: the famous goalkeeper is crazy for another sport: windsurf.  Whenever he has free time, and there is wind, he goes windsurfing in his favorite spot, Gavà Mar, or he travels to other places around the world.

There’s also a making of video too!  I think I need to go cool off now…


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  1. I didn’t realize he had such hairy arms. But maybe because my attention was elsewhere! jajaja!

  2. Seems like all kinds of magazines have a slight obsession with VV, no? Well, why not!

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