imparables juntos

The Federación Española de Baloncesto (Spanish Basketball Federation) and Nike presented the national basketball teams’ new jerseys yesterday, and Sergio Ramos and Andrés Iniesta show up in the video introducing the new jerseys, as do several famous Spanish athletes, including of course basketball players and Rafa Nadal, and celebrities.

I love it when the football and basketball teams team up!

On the inside of the shirt are the words “being Spanish is not an excuse, it’s a responsibility.”  Sergio says, “(responsibility is) the key to success and union, and you will always need that.”  Andrés says, “in the end, it’s a matter of feeling what you have on: feeling, passion and dedication.”  Sergio adds, “hope is very important.”  And Rafa says, “I do represent my country, I feel it each week, during each match I play around the world.  The feeling is special, especially when you play at home and you feel the public supporting you, it creates a sensation that is difficult to describe, but is one of the most beautiful ones that you can experience.”

P.S. The title translates to “unstoppable together.”


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  1. Una, you inspired me to start my own blog about Manchester United!. I have everything covered, enough posts that I have to be careful when to post. Its 1600hrs and I haven’t had lunch yet and so mad that I might bust only because the words in my blog are too small and I can’t figure out how to maximize them!!! God, am pissed off!

    Thanks for something on Sergio, I will have lunch now.

  2. Apparently, all I needed was to see Sergio! Problems solved…

  3. That’s like a compilation of all Spanish athletes to adore. *Meltssss.

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