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Remember how during the last concentración, several of the boys did a photoshoot with Pedro del Hierro, the firm that is responsible for dressing the national team?  Well here we have some of the (colorful) results, courtesy of XL Semanal!  Plus the boys talk about their own styles…

Pedro Rodríguez.

How I see myself: I don’t really follow fashion, but I do try and dress well.  Trends?  I have no idea.  The only thing I try to do is to wear what I feel good in.  I’m quite classic.  I don’t like to spend time taking care of myself, but I’m conscious of the importance of keeping my skin hydrated… moisturizers are the only creams I use.  However, I do spend a lot of time in the stores choosing cologne.  But the truth is that I don’t take risks, I prefer fresh, sporty scents.

Álvaro Arbeloa.

How I see myself: yes, I do spend time taking care of myself.  I spend time in the gym and I am very strict with putting on cream after training sessions, basically moisturizers, of course.  I like to go shopping: it’s a diversion for me and I do it frequently.  My wife gives me advice.  I know that image is something very important for us footballers, as it’s part of our public projection.  In addition, I do like feeling good about myself.  I would define my style as casual.  On a day to day basis, I don’t need big things: jeans and a leather jacket.  I’m not very into colors or trying on anything that I consider outlandish, because I believe you should identify with what you wear.

Jordi Alba.

How I see myself: I buy my own clothes, but I don’t like going shopping.  I prefer to do other things.  Although later on, I do like to look well-dressed… I should spend more time on this.  I use body lotion, and that’s it.  I’ve been wearing the same cologne for I don’t know how long, a long time.  I try to get ideas from looking at my teammates.  There are some on Barça who are fastidious, but I’m not going to give names because they’ll get mad at me.

Sergio Busquets.

How I see myself: I go shopping as much as a regular person, when I have time.  I’m not obsessed with fashion, not at all.  I almost always wear sportswear.  Clothes to go out in?  Where?  The only times I go out are to eat dinner, and on those occasions a jacket is more than enough.  I have no idea about beauty products, I don’t use any.  However, I do like to have a variety of colognes, I have at least half a dozen and I pick which to use depending on how my day is.  I do like to try new ones.

Álvaro Negredo.

How I see myself: I’m not fussing over my appearance all day long, but I do like to take care of myself.  I buy my own clothes, but sometimes my wife also buys things that she likes, and she usually gets it right.  I flip through my wife’s magazines, and I notice combinations that I had not thought about before, some which are quite daring.  I’m not daring, but once in a while I do allow myself a splurge.  I don’t use creams.  I have four tattoos, all of which are related to my family.  I might get some more, but I’m not going to become the new Sergio Ramos.

What do you think about how Pedro del Hierro dressed the boys?  Is it a change for the better from what they usually wear (when they dress themselves, that is) when they show up at Las Rozas?  I like these clothes a lot, and especially those with color – that green suit!

And a couple of these boys could model as a second career, should they choose to do so…


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  1. Thanks for the post Una! Ha ha, “I have four tattoos, all of which are related to my family. I might get some more, but I’m not going to become the new Sergio Ramos.”

  2. Busquets with the beard; very rakish! Most of these guys look good in anything, especially Arbeloa!

  3. I’m not so fond of the red pants on Jordi, but I really like the way that he looks in the dressing room shot, with the blue shirt and jeans.

    “There are some on Barça who are fastidious, but I’m not going to give names because they’ll get mad at me.”

    Let me guess… Xavi? ;) I wish we had gotten to hear more from him, by the way. Was he just hanging out in the dressing room with the rest of his teammates to give them fashion advice?

    In answer to your question, yes, it’s definitely a change for the better, considering how they usually dress themselves. Not that it’s exactly a high bar, lol.

    • Xavi? Fashion advice? I hope not!

      • Despite what we may think of what he wears, Xavi claims to care about his clothes and especially his shoes, and he’s been known to criticize his teammates’ fashion choices in interviews. I know, I know, all I see are shiny black suits and distressed jeans, but…

  4. Love these fashion shots. Very trendy casual. Much better I think than the usual Las Rozas outfits we’ve come to expect. Really liking the colors. But I dont know about the green suit though una….

  5. Pity there’s nothing about Xavi in there but I loved the rest. As for who is fastidious in the Barca-dressing room, I reckon it’s Song and Alves *rofl*

    As an aside: I love love love love your blog :) This has successfully stopped me from studying in the last couple of weeks ever since I discovered it :D

    Thank you so much, this is brilliant :) *same goes for unamadridista, btw*

  6. i have always, always contended that arbeloa has a career on the runway if he ever gets bored with football. delicious.

  7. Arbeloa looks great in that picture with Negredo. He looks good in anything he wears.

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