a little wrap up post

I don’t have time to make a proper ICYMI post, as this game occurred in the middle of Semana Santa, so you’ll have to do with this.

Pedro said after the game that he had no idea how the ball went in, but the important thing is that it went in!

Anyway, this was Spain’s first win over France in France, and VDB said his players were “men” out there.  Several of our boys had a fantastic game, including (but not limited to) Víctor Valdés, Xabi Alonso and Nacho Monreal.  Now, qualification for the 2014 World Cup is once again on our backs.  At present, Spain has 11 points and France 10 in Group I.  Spain’s next games are on Sept. 6 vs. Finland in Helsinki, Oct. 11 vs. Belarus in Spain and Oct. 15 vs. Georgia in Spain.

Iker watched the game in the stands, protesting the non-calls, suffering with the rest of Spain and celebrating the goal.

And to conclude, Xabi being boss.

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  1. whose feet are those on the Seine?

  2. Never mind, Una. I would do with only one .gif posted by you as well :)!

  3. thanks una! it was short but sweet! :)

  4. very nice abbreviated ICYMI. Spain won that’s all that matters! Thanks for sharing the shots of Iker the spectator. and as always BIG thanks to una for taking time out of a busy week to post and share great screen captures with us!!

  5. What an exciting game that was! I’m always happy to see the boys together.

  6. hahaha Penelope Cruz… loved Iker’s reactions during the game- can’t wait til he’s back on the pitch!!!

    gracias Una!! <3

  7. Yay for winning against France and being on top again! I hope this continues! And just bought tickets to watch La Roja play on June 11th in Yankee Stadium. Now just to find out what hotel the boys will be staying at in Manhattan…

    Oh and congrats to all the players who became fathers this year. Pepe, Villa, Cesc, Valdes, Pique, Santi, Pedro. I wonder when some of the senior statesmen/captains like Iker, Puyol and Xavi will have some little ones.

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