ready for some La Roja?

A random assortment of recent and not so recent La Roja-related things – consider this post a warm-up for the international week!

Pepe Reina stars in a short film, “Invictus – El Correo del César,” which premiered at the Teatro Compac Gran Vía in Madrid on Monday.  The film is part of insurance company Plus Ultra’s (formerly Groupama) promotional campaign, as Pepe is their spokesperson (he took over from Iker Casillas – remember the famous “me siento seguroooo…”?).

Pepe stars as one of the Roman empire’s messengers.  He is tasked with bringing a message to Rome but of course runs into some trouble along the way.

The director of the short film, Javier Fesser, said of Pepe, “he acts better than some of those who have actor’s cards.”

Many of Pepe’s La Roja teammates came to support him at the premiere: David Villa, Xavi, Sergio Busquets, Sergio Ramos, Cesc, Jordi Alba, Pedro, Santi Cazorla.

Santi and Sergio’s outfits are eyesores.

Speaking of Pepe, in an interview with El Mundo, he sent a message to Iker: “take care of that hand, since you’re going to have to deal many cards to beat me at pocha.”  Jajaja!  And speaking of Iker, he was once again featured at Las Fallas (an event recommended by PF Juan Mata – and with good reason, as it’s quite fun and exciting and LOUD), this time as the man tasked with “stopping” unemployment (paro).  A big task indeed.

Also on Monday, we had Vicente del Bosque and Víctor Valdés picking up the Miguel Muñoz Marca 75th anniversary and Zamora trophies, respectively.  VV looks really handsome, minus the earring (because in my opinion that makes him look like a pirate).

More moments that show how well our boys get along.  Fernando Llorente and Xavi attended a basketball Copa del Rey game together back in February, having fun and even sharing candy!

In fact, Xavi ate out of Fernando’s hand, as you can see!

In an interview with El País from last year (see how far behind I am), Fernando Torres was asked what he would like to do once he retires.  He responded, “the only thing that worries me about that moment is that I don’t want anyone to say that I was a bad teammate, disrespectful, cocky.  I’m sure that in 20 years, if I go to Asturias, I’ll call Juan (Mata), Santi (Cazorla), and if I go to Andalucía, I will go see Sergio (Ramos), Pepe (Reina).  That’s the beautiful thing, because there are some friends that you lose when the football ends.”  He also revealed that in London, he goes to rock clubs because no one recognizes him and “it’s fantastic.”

And the U-21 team began their concentración on Monday!  Looking good boys!

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  1. Thanks Una! Can’t wait for international week! Villa looks great! VV too. Awe…Llorente. I hope he can be recalled for the WC. Good luck to La Roja! I hope they come in first in their group.

  2. Yes! Always ready for much La Roja!
    Priceless Llorente y Xavi love.

  3. it makes me so happy to see (almost all) my boys back in action again. i’m so pleased de gea got a call up (even though i miss iker so much and it’s so weird not seeing him in the line up), he deserves it.

    looking forward to the matches, especially the one against france!

  4. Yay, international break and a new post from you!

    Definitely cringing at Ramos’ and Santi’s outfits at Pepe’s premiere. But Xavi is looking *sharp* (except for the torn jeans). Not so much at the game with Fernando, although they are totally adorable together.

    Did you see Ramos’ tweet today wishing Torres happy birthday?? I’m sure it will bring the wank, but he can be so sweet.

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