¡enhorabuena Puyi!

Here’s a little post in honor of Carles Puyol and his 100 caps!

El País compiled a photo gallery taking a look back at the career of Puyi with the national team.  Here are some of the photos; you can view the entire gallery here.

Puyol debuted on Nov. 15, 2000 against the Netherlands.  In 2001, Spain played Liechtenstein in a qualifier for the 2002 World Cup.  Here, the players are celebrating Rulo’s goal.

Here we have Puyol playing against South Korea during the 2002 World Cup (thinking of that game STILL makes me angry) and against Portugal in the 2004 Eurocopa.

The boys celebrated Juan Carlos Valerón’s goal against Russia in the 2004 Eurocopa with style.

In 2006, Puyi – and his lovely eyes – celebrated Fernando Torres’ goal against Ukraine during the World Cup.  In 2008, Spain won the Eurocopa against Germany, but the pivotal game was the one against Italy which ended in a penalty shootout.

More good things were to come in South Africa in 2010.

Puyi has scored three goals with Spain, but none was more important than this header in the semifinal of the World Cup against Germany.  After all, it brought Spain to the final AND gave us these glorious moments.  Puyi’s other two goals came in a friendly against Northern Ireland in 2002 and a World Cup qualifier against Estonia in 2008.

To the final we go!

Marca also prepared this graphic of Puyi’s 100 games.


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  1. Congrats Puyi! Congrats on winning his 100th and being captain! I’ll always remember the header against Germany in WC 2010 and the moments after!

  2. Bravo, Puyol! He is such a class act!

  3. i will never, ever, EVER forget puyi’s WC goal — it was such a thing of joy and beauty!


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