the list for Uruguay

Spain takes on Uruguay in a friendly on Feb. 6 in Doha, Qatar.  Today, Vicente del Bosque revealed the list of players called up for the game.

Goalkeepers: Víctor Valdés, Pepe Reina.

Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol, César Azpilicueta, Jordi Alba, Álvaro Arbeloa, Nacho Monreal.

Midfielders: Andrés Iniesta, Cesc Fàbregas, Sergio Busquets, Santi Cazorla, Xavi, Isco, Xabi Alonso, Mario Suárez.*

Forwards: David Villa, David Silva, Álvaro Negredo, Pedro Rodríguez, Juan Mata.

Isco and Azpi (Dave) are the relatively new faces; I love it when U-21 players “graduate” to the first team!  Carles Puyol also returns after a long absence; the last time he played with the team was one year ago, for the friendly on Feb. 29 against Venezuela.  This could be his 100th game!  VDB said, “we’re pleased with his return.  He has always been an example for everyone both on and off the field, and the other day he showed that once again with a gesture that has been appreciated in Madrid, which makes me very happy.  He isn’t only appreciated by his club, but also by Madrid, which is good.”

With respect to the last call-up, this time around, Raúl Albiol, Beñat Etxebarria, Martín Montoya, Markel Susaeta, Javi Martínez, Jesús Navas and Roberto Soldado did not make it.  And of course, neither did the injured Iker Casillas.

* Xabi finished the Liga game with pain in his pubis, so Mario Suárez has been called up to replace him; this is Mario’s first ever call-up.  Then, Xavi finished his game with pain in his right leg and was subsequently removed from the list.  [After Xabi’s injury was announced, he became a trending topic on twitter with very much hatred directed towards him (mostly from Barcelona supporters/press), questioning his commitment to Spain, saying that he had deliberately done this so he wouldn’t have to play, etc.  Then when Xavi found himself in the same situation, his was reported as an injury.  Come on people, can’t we be better than this?]

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  1. Mata’s been terrific this season for Chelsea, here’s hoping he gets a lot of playing time in the game!!!

    It’s really odd to NOT see Iker on the list…. how many weeks til he can play again??

  2. Yay, La Roja! Poor Iker :(. I hope Puyi gets to play his 100th game! Although I feel that when he does, he will retire from La Roja :(.

  3. it hurts my heart not to see iker on that list. :(

  4. Seeing “Dave” and Isco graduated is great! This seems like quite the strange call up list; seeing only two keepers called up – imagine if something should happen that would cause one of the field players to be a substitute goalie!

    Also very happy that PF Juanin is back and that Puyi might finally get his 100th cap with the National Team :)

    • I wonder who would be called on to put on the gloves? I’d love to see Sergio or Puyi!

      • Yeah I think they’d be very interesting – I think Xabi has trained to be an emergency substitute too, no? Or is that with RM, I can’t be sure.

        Not that I’d ever hope to see something happen to any of our goalies, but I’d rather it happen in a friendly than during a qualifying round.

  5. Was there a reason, other than his performance, that FErnando Torres did not make the team? I was still very much expecting him to make the cut, but it’s true hasn’t been in great form recently…

    • VDB said there’s no space for him at the moment, and I suppose that’s linked to his performance as of late.

      • Strange, don’t you think, that he has the highest number of goals in this past half season than he’s had in the rest of his time in chelsea, and now, when the atmosphere at the bridge is so poisonous and when he could benefit getting away and reuniting with villa after such a long time, that there is no ‘space’ for him?
        I really hoped vdb would have handled it with a little more respect towards the man who scored in both euro finals, who is nt’s third all-time score and a golden boot winner, whenthe time came for him to leave the nt, but i guess not.

        • VDB can’t take everyone, as Spain has so many fantastic players. Look at who missed out, such as Michu. If it came down to Torres or Villa, well, Villa has better credentials when it comes to the national team.

        • as much as i love nando, i agree with una… so much competition, Spain’s just got so much talent, and his form hasn’t been that great :( he’s been pairing up loads with Mata, though (w/Mata making the finishes)- love seeing that bromance here with the Blues….. but yeah, Torres is having a tough time atm, it’s a mental block again i think. Cross your fingers and pray like hell!! X

        • I’d like to think that VDB doesn’t concern himself with club politics too much unless it involves the cooperation of the players. I think he just looks at who is on form, and who is getting substantial playing time with their clubs. Friendlies like this are ideal in bringing back older players, graduating younger ones, and trying new formations and have the players learn new tactics that will keep Spain’s play new and unstoppable.

          There are lots of players who have been called up irregularly in the past few years, who have to work their hardest to attempt to make themselves indispensable – I’m sure that VdB doesn’t respect them less.

        • Yeah I agree, I would have loved to see Torres play with his NT team mates, but I still would have taken Villa if I had to choose between them. There are so many amazing forwards Spain has to choose from I’m not surprised he was left out. But I do hope that his time will still come, and I miss Llorente as well.. Not enough Fernandos on the team!

        • you ladies are all right, of course, and spain have a lot of great players to choose from and many deserving a place have been left out. but that’s not my point. vdb said that villa situation isn’t comparable to anyone’s because of his contribution and because of what he means to the nt. which in my mind (it could be only me that’s paranoid, i don’t know) translates as torres not being as important and his contribution not as meaningful. they are in a similar form right now, villa due to his injury and torres due to his mind playing tricks on him. as for credentials, villa only has more goals. when you look at their respective individual accomlishments as players, ther are very similar.
          torres has goals this season. what he doesn’t have is the support of the fans. chelsea’s or la roja’s (the applause villa got at the mestalla was incredible). he has been called up when he was playing much worse and now, when it would probably do him a world of good to be with the spanish boys, he gets left behind and, for that, ridiculed even more.
          i have this feeling vdb never really liked torres as a player and is now finally giving the crowd what they want. i can honestly say i lost respect for the spanish fans and all hope that it will ever get better for torres when i read that they think vdb is finally doing the right thing by leaving behind a player ‘who was so selfish and self-absorbed that he rushed from an injury and took someone’s place just so he could be in the WC photo’.
          he was once their hero, their nino de oro. now they can’t wait to see the back of him.

          (sorry for the rant, i’m just so frustrated at how everyone’s revelling in his misery and hard times. and i just can’t come to terms with his international career most likely being over. it might take a therapy session or two :(
          and sorry for misplacing the post, i had no reply button on any of your’s replies.)

          anyway, una, thank you for getting back to writing this blog, i really appreciate it!

        • Of course Torres is important, but the statistics show that Villa has been much more effective (compare their goal average, for example). And I wouldn’t say he doesn’t have the support of La Roja fans (Villa got that applause in the Mestalla because he used to play there for Valencia – that’s why Jordi Alba was applauded as well), but most of us understand that VDB has so many fantastic players to choose from, and he will take the ones who are doing the best. That’s not to say that we don’t like Torres, of course we all hope he’ll get back in form but right now there are other players who deserve a spot more than he does.

  6. So happy to see Xavi in the list, as always. To me, he is the best player there is. So consistently great for both club and country. His skill and intelligene is unmatched. He is the perfect embodiment of la Roja style of football – of how we play and what we stand for. If one had to choose one footballer to illustrate to the uninitiated what la Roja is and as been over this glorious time since 2008, that would be Xavi, without a doubt. A la Roja hallmark. Our beating heart. Grande, grande Xavi.

  7. a) I LOVE that you call him Dave too. ;-)

    b) I was lucky enough to not observe any difference in the media treatment of Xavi and Xabi… nor should there be, really. We’ll miss both fine, fine gentlemen, but I think Santi and Silvi and Andres and Cesc will have fun running the midfield :) (and maybe we won’t play a doble pivote for the first time in ages!!)

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