Pepe Reina at El Hormiguero

Pepe Reina (who is set to become a father for a fourth time!) was on El Hormiguero several weeks ago, and he shared his pre-game ritual with Pablo Motos (it was also in his autobiography).  He says that for home games, the night before, he eats only a ham and cheese sandwich, accompanied by a glass of wine.  The next morning, he has to fill up the gas tank, even if it’s just five pounds worth and he had filled it the previous day.  Then he goes to the stadium.

Then this happens: “I step onto the field with my right foot.  I take two hops forward on my right foot.  I touch the field and make the sign of the cross, I walk to the goal, I touch the post.  I let go of the post and head for the other post.  After four steps, I touch the crossbar.  I get to the other post, I touch it, then take four steps to the middle of the goal.”

“I put down my right foot and start walking forward with my left.  I take six steps until I’m at the edge of the goal area.  Then I take six steps to the penalty spot, and six more to the edge of the penalty area.  Then I take six steps back to the penalty spot, and six back to the goal area.  I bring the heel of each foot up, bring my knees to my chest, do this once on each side, jump up in place twice while bringing my knees up, then I lunge to the right, jump up twice, then I lunge to the left.  I then wave at my wife and kids.”  Wow!

Pepe also said that the moment when his children went down to the field to celebrate the Eurocopa title with him is one of his favorites.  Watch the program here! 


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  1. my god, how the hell does he remember all of that? it exhausts me just to read it!

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