congratulations to…

… Vicente del Bosque for winning the FIFA World Coach of the Year award!  He deserves it!

And to Iker, Sergio, Gerard, Xabi, Xavi and Iniesta for being beloved and respected by their peers!  More than half of the line-up for the FIFAPRO World XI belong to Spain!

We have so much to be proud of.


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  1. I was speaking to mi pareja about the whole Iker / Adan fiasco, and we asked ourselves if it was necessary to be arrogant and otherwise self-centered to rise to the ranks of professional coaching. I thought about it and decided yes, it requires a certain drive and cutthroat desire to rise above the competition.

    But then I thought again and remembered VDB. He’s the great exception in my eyes.

  2. It was quite exciting to watch.(My first time!) You just mentioned my 2 highlights, but I was pretty disappointed in general in the women’s shortlist, the shortlist for the top 11 (what, no Silva???) and I have to say I wouldn’t have picked that goal, but I can’t complain because I didn’t get my vote in. I was really happy for VDB. I honestly couldn’t see how he could NOT win this time after winning the Eurocup. Some might say that he has so much talent at his disposal, that his job is easy, but I think it’s the contrary. He has done something quite remarkable with this group of players, recognizing that unity, team spirit, and fair play are as important as talent. I loved the smile on Sergio’s face at the ceremony and the way he refers to VDB in his book. Vicente del Bosque was truly deserving of the award and I hope his win helps in the continuing unity of this team during the tough league competitions.

  3. whilst i’m not pleased at how some of the other voting unfolded, to see VdB win and so many of la roja’s players in the world XI was wonderful! well deserved, all around! :)

  4. Congratulations VdB! Congrats to the members of La Roja! And congrats to Spanish football! All 11 play in La Liga and all the Balon D’Or and men’s coach nominees are from La Liga/Spain! Awesome!

  5. Yay to VDB and AMAZING re the Fifa XI!! Yay Spain…you’re the reason why I started watching futból an am american….haha

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