Juan Mata at GQ España

¡¡Por favor!!  GQ España interviewed PF Juan Mata for its December issue, and while the interview isn’t all that great, the accompanying photo session was!  Get ready to feast your eyes on this delicious Spaniard…  And for those who live in London, there is a bit of information at the end that might help you stalk locate Juanín.

At 15:45h, the telephone in Sunbeam Studios, London, rings.  “This is Juan… Juan Mata.  I have already arrived.  Where do I park?”  This conversation, which is something normal when a friend comes to see you at your house, is not really normal when the person at the other end of the line is a footballer valued at more than 25 million euros.  As he doesn’t have an entourage or any eccentricities, the only thing that differentiates him from any other person is the Aston Martin that he’s driving, a black sports car that looks like the Batmobile.

Juanín Mata was born in Burgos, grew up in Asturias and formed in the cantera of Real Madrid.  He currently plays for Chelsea, where he has become a fixture and a fan favorite.  Despite this, he is still taking physical education and marketing classes, because at the end of his career he would like to market athletes.  “I have an uncle who is a publicist and that’s where I get that from,” he explains.

(Skipping over a bunch of club-related things…)

In Chelsea, there are four Spanish players and part of the medical staff is also Spanish.  You all have created a small family, no?

The rest of our teammates call us the Spanish mafia.  But in some way, this helps you, no?  You go to another country, another league, another team, you speak another language… There are six or seven of us, and once in a while we get together for dinner, which is good to help us remember Spain and Spanish food.

Is Spanish football in style?

I believe so.  We’ve been in style since we won the first Eurocopa.  We’re valued more now.  I’m always asked about how we work there, why so many footballers with the same profile are produced, why we have such good results…

You missed out on the last call-up with Spain because “there were many good players” in your position.  What’s your opinion?

On the national team, there is a lot of competition, but it’s true that in the last four years and a half, I’ve always been called up, or almost always.  I try to do my best with my club, which is how you get called up for the national team.  And the rest doesn’t depend on me.

Do you believe there will be a generational shift before the 2014 World Cup?

I don’t think so.  There are players who won’t make it due to age, but there are a lot of young players who are playing and who are very important, such as Sergio Ramos, Piqué, Cesc, Busquets… these players will be at the prime of their careers in this World Cup.  This is a generation that will be here for a long time.

What are your favorite places in London?

King’s Road and Fulham Road are both close to my house.  I also like Soho and the East End, Shoreditch and Brick Lane for the clothing, food and flower markets… and if I didn’t have to train in the southeast, I would live in Notting Hill.

You live in one of the capitals of elegance, is there more of an emphasis on style?

It is different.  No matter how you look, no one pays attention to you, and that allows you to be brave and try out new things.  And yes, there is a very English scene, with slim-fit pants, boots, a tight shirt…

Between football, the city and your studies… is there time for girls?

Yes, hombre, yes.  You always make time for that.

I adore him!!


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  1. Yum indeed! A perfect post Thanksgiving feast for the eyes. I love Juan Mata!

  2. Oh my. Sweet sweet sweet adorable Juan. Always!
    And… I think I heard Granero’s name, no?

  3. I adore Juanin! I’ve been kind of following his time in London and he reveals the cutest little anecdotes. I think at one point he said he loves going to rock clubs with Fernando (an FYI for fans who’d want any extra tips on hunting him down)

    This isn’t the first time he’s expressed his love for Notting Hill (though every time I think of Notting Hill now I still think of Iker haha) which is so cute. And I can’t get over how fabulous Juan looks!

    And Una, you’ve really been on a roll with translating articles, chapters, interviews for us on both the blogs lately. Can’t say thank you enough. Hope your November is going well :)

  4. he’s adorable! :) thanks for this, una, i love it!

  5. ¡¡¡¡¡¡Por favor!!!!!!

  6. so cute! thanks for translating.

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