hasta luego

It’s been a little more than two years since I began writing this blog, and we’ve had some wonderful moments together, no?  Watching La Roja win the World Cup and the Eurocopa, and then being able to share that joy I was feeling with all of you has been great.  However, the time has come where I feel like I need to take a break from blogging.  I’m not sure how long this break will last, because I don’t know how long it will take me to recover my desire to continue writing or to get inspired once again.  I do realize that I owe you all some things – namely the excerpts from Más… Secretos de La Roja and La Roja Por Dentro (covering the Eurocopa meant that translating that got relegated to the back burner) – and I intend to follow through on that, so please be patience with me, since as you all know by now, no help is going on.  In any case, no matter what happens, thank you so much for being a fan of my blog and my writing.  Un beso.

– UM.

P.S. Feel free to email me if you want, I’ll probably have the time to actually answer now!


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  1. I AM DEVASTATED. say it isn’t so..

  2. Thank you dear for all the news and bits! You know we all really appreciate it xx much love

  3. Please come back for the World Cup! You are the best source of information about this wonderful team! Now what will I read with my morning coffee????

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooo :”””””(((((( please don’t shut down your blog as well. Your blog is one of my main source when it comes to la roja news, and i love your writing so much. I’d love to read your old posts when i’m bored or missing la roja team. Well, muchas gracias por tu tiempo and hopefully i’ll see your new post about la roja again. iHasta luego!

  5. Aaaa Una! Noooo! Please! Don’t stop writing!
    I very very very love your blog!
    I’ve never found great blog like this!
    And you’re an amazing writer!
    I can’t imagine this blog will deactive…
    I would be missing something in my life.
    I’ll not get more interesting information about La Roja and the boys :(
    Please think again, Una. Don’t make me and all your fans disappointed.. I begged from my heart :”(

  6. thank you so much for everything so far, have a good break and I really hope you come back, you’re really great and all the information you leave is so insightful and i really look forward to all your future posts (hopefully!!)
    un abrazo

  7. I have always enjoyed your posts and appreciated your generosity. I know this day would come. You deserve a good rest. Of course selfishly I will miss you.

  8. Wow la verdad que me ha tomado por sorpresa esto, pero es totalmente entendible por que sabemos que tienes una vida y esto del blog es practicamente un favor que nos hacías a los fans de la roja del mundo, a los que hablamos español nos lo ponías mas fácil encontrar todos los videos, entrevistas, anecdotas y demás y a los que no hablan el idioma los ayudabas todavía mas con tus traducciones.
    Yo llevo leyendo tu blog por un año mas o menos y he de decirte que me encanta no solo por la información si no por tus comentarios y esas cosas.
    Supongo que ahora los que queramos saber de la roja tendremos que buscar por nuestra cuenta y a la vez eso nos hara apreciar este blog todavía mas, así que creeme que tienes una “deuda” con el público de regresar jajajaja no te creas, aunque sería buenísimo tenerte de vuelta en algún tiempo como dije antes yo creo que todos entendemos el hecho que tienes una vida y prioridades.
    En fin, muchísimas gracias por haber hecho este blog y te deseo todo lo mejor.
    Recibe un abrazo desde México, Niza

  9. Thank you for all that you’ve done. I’ll miss you & this site. I’m waiting for your come back.

  10. Hi! I’m really sorry to hear that you’ll give up your blog (for now). I only joined in during the World Cup, but being a big fan of La Roja, I really enjoyed your writing, the news you shared and the gorgeous pictures (I’m not sure I can survive without The Xabi Alonso Pose Section…) But I can imagine that it’s a lot of work. Thanks for everything :)

  11. I will wait, no matter the time it takes.

  12. We will miss you!!

  13. Una you will be missed. Thanks for keeping us giggling, and up to date on everything. Are you sure there is no way to convince you to stay? Well looking forward to the book translations. If I spoke Spanish fluently I’d gladly help you.

  14. No!!!!! I´m gonna miss your posts soooo much!! You rock!! thank u for all the funny comments and wonderful pictures!!

  15. Aw man this one too. =( Well I will really miss you here because you provide the BEST coverage of La Roja anywhere and I really mean it. Take the needed time. I totally understand, I had to do the same thing from my website and podcast awhile back. It is a lot of work and I truly appreciate everything you do. You are amazing. Take care.

  16. Ohh i’m going to miss you so much. As a dutch girl and a fan of the Barcelona guy’s i loved to read what the boy’s are doing . Especially because in Holland we dont read so much about La Roja . You can understand that it is mostly about the Dutch football boys . Writing the blog you did every time was so taken good care off . ” petje af ” ( respect with a deep bow) as the dutch would say .
    Greetings from Holland and thanks for the good work! Mieke

  17. Take all the time you need, Una. Thank you for everything. This blog has been a joy to us all!

  18. Una, thanks so much for all your blood, sweat and tears that went into this blog. It was quite a ride following the boys! I loved all the details and getting to know them. I for one am more than happy to leave on a high note with the senior boys! I wish you all the best, and thanks so much for spoiling us these past two years! I will look forward to the book translations!

  19. Thank you so much for all you have done, love! Not being able to read Spanish (…yet), you’ve provided me with /a lot/ of information of the two teams I love best in this world. So, from from the bottom of my Roja heart, thank you. I hope you’ll have a good, long, restful break! If you ever decide to return, I’d be happy; if you don’t, I’d be happy too, for you. :)

  20. Oh no! We will truly miss you. This was the best blog on my favorite team and players. But I can understand the burn out after this high intensity summer of ups and downs. I so hope you will feel well rested from it before 2014. Now where will I find all this vital information on my heroes?? Your blog was the BEST!!! Thank you so much for all the work you put in! Really appreciated, often made my day. Abrazos.

  21. I will surely miss you and your blogs and look forward to your return. Anyway, you shall do anything you like and don’t ever feel sorry to the readers, since you are far more than generous to have been sharing all these wonderful things with us. ¡Un beso y buena suerte!

  22. OMG,no!

    *calming down*

    ok, I understand UnaMadridista. it is your blog so you can do whatever you feel like and it’s been an intense time. I hopeit is not the last we see of this blog, but if you need a break you need a break and I respect that. it’s sometimes better to have a break to come back with new energy, like for the World Cup for example (hint;-)

    However, whatever happens next all I would like to tell you is

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s been a blast to visit and read the blog and please be assurred that all your hard work has been appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I’m from Ukraine and I absolutely adore your blog and your sence of humour. It’s very sad you won’t be writing on La Roja, but nevertheless thank you for what’s been written, it’s amazing!!!!
    Good luck, hugs from Ukraine!!!

  24. It is such a bad news for us… But we have to respect to the your decision which you have made.. Good luck and I hope that we have to meet again during WC 2014 in Brazil…

  25. noooooo… );;

  26. It was an honor to witness your blog’s growth and being able to follow the Spanish team with your great commentary. Gracias, Una!!! Viva Espana!!

  27. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you unamadridista! — Oh how I will miss you and your musings, but I hold on to the hope that sooner or later your love for following La Roja will compel you back to share with us again. You deserve a well earned break. I hope you find that inspiration once more. I will wait patiently for that return.

    You will be missed sorely. Not just for ALL the fantastic news, pictures, and links to ALL things fun and interesting related to our favorite national team, but really for your unique perspective, observations, and commentaries. Where else can I get news of Javi Martínez (!!!) and (PF) Juan Mata? Or a fashion review of the player’s arrival for concentracion? Sure I can scour the internet myself for articles and interviews, but no one can preview or recap matches like you! Only you can give us the Xabi pose section. But truly for me your best work are your ICYMI pieces complete with moving .gifs ; your equal coverage of La Rojita ; and your dedication to translate articles and even books for those of us who do not know spanish. Oh! and on a personal note, you helped bring a few of us together to meet when La Roja came to the US to play the USMNT last year. You bring it all together.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you again! We are the privileged ones to have been able to follow and share with you these last two incredibly historic years. How lucky are we? WC 2014 quals won’t be the same without your ‘con la roja’.

    Bravo unamadridista! come back soon!

  28. I’ll miss your blog. Thank you so much. you are awesome.

  29. Thank you everyone, for all the nice things you said!

  30. I’ll echo what I said on your RM blog: UNA, YOU ARE A LEGEND!! thank you for the love and sweat you have put into each and every post these past three seasons.

    To me, the Euro/World/Euro triumph of Spain will always be synonymous with and inseperable from the Con La Roja blog, and all the hilarious moments we all were blessed to share together because of your hard work. THANK YOU, UNAAAAAAAAAAAA, all the very best to you, and hope you write again, just once in a while!!


  31. Missing you already, Una! Muchas gracias for all the hard work you’ve put in for all these years, especially all that time spent making .gifs of special moments and translating those key articles, fun interviews and of course the books.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much I loved this Eurocopa – coming home after a long day, watching games, catching up on lots of football drama and of course reading a new daily post from Con La Roja. It’s a shame we never got to hear from Sergio for the El Pais interviews, here’s hoping that he’ll make the next one!

    I feel like you’re friends with your readers so I can’t help but hope that you’ll keep in touch.


  32. Hey UM.

    As many have mentioned, you have done a great job with this blog and it has provided a lot of fun stories and updates on the team that I support, as well as you and everyone that checks this regularly. lol, it’s even bookmarked for me. I know it’s probably majority of females that read your blog, but as a guy who plays footy himself and really looks up to these players (especially Torres y Villa, as I am a striker myself. lol, they’re all great footballers regardless), this blog is really appreciated on learning new things about the players and getting updates on their matches, training, etc., as its tough to find english written pieces, videos etc. on this team. Anyway, great work and I hope you enjoy your much deserved vacation and hopefully you can come back one day, providing us with such great pieces on La Roja. God bless and we hope to see you back writing great blogs once again.


  33. Dear Unamadridista, i just want to say muchisimas gracias for your time and big effort that you put for this blog. I really appreciate it and enjoy reading all your posts. Enjoy your break and take care. abrazos

  34. You will be missed! please come back soon.

  35. Una, I think the vast number of comments here shows just how much we all appreciate you! I hope you find inspiration to write again and that you find happiness in your new ventures :) thank you for sharing this amazing blog and your love for La Roja with us over the years. Your posts have always calmed me down before a big match! ¡Muchas gracias y buena suerte!

  36. I saw this post just today because my pc died for like one month… omg Una I ALREADY MISS YOU!!! This blog and the other one and your comments and everything :((( Come back sooooo soon, te esperaremos con muchísimo cariño <3333 un beso guapa, hasta pronto :)

  37. Thanks Una.

  38. this week is international week for football which is time for La Roja. it’s kinda weird for me not to see your blog before the matches. I really miss you and your amazing piece of writing. Please come back soon.

  39. following La Roja is definitely not the same without you. as lots of people have mentioned before I will miss your great coverage of their matches and all the background information you’d give us – haven’t found a good report of yesterday’s match yet and doubt I will. hoping to see you back blogging one day and thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into this blog!

  40. My preceding fellows have already pointed out all the amaysing things about you and your blog(s) really well, so I actually don’t know how to top things by my comment.

    I just feel I honestly want to thank you. Thank you for the commentary, the pictures, the (fashion!) reviews, the recaps, the translations… thank you for all the hard work. It was definitely appreciated- and if you ever (hopefully) decide to return, your readership will be there, too.

    Muchísimos abrazos para tí, UnaMadridista.

  41. NNNNnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!! This is officially the best blog, obviously nothing to do with the many pictures and gifs of hot Spanish men!! ;) But seriously, thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this blog, it kept alot of people happy when coverage of the Spanish NT in their home country was simply not good enough :D Hopefully you get back in the mood for blogging again in the future, it’s always a good read :) xXx

  42. Hi Una! I AM MISSING ICYMI. REALLY missing it…. oh I suppose this should be on the RM blog, but I’ll say it here, too!!! <3 The season's been bumpy so far. Miss you!!

  43. Just wanted to say that I am missing your blog. Hope that you are getting the rejuvenation you need.

  44. Wow, the Roja boys really must have been celebrating their Eurocup win. There’s a baby explosion! Villa, Pedro, Valdes and Pique! The next generation!

  45. Una, I am dying from not getting my weekly Spanish dose. Spain has a game very soon and they’re all getting together and I just can’t take it because I know you won’t be doing your fashion post!! Plus, Torres got a big haircut again!! Could you at least tell us where you find your glorious pictures? It definitely won’t be the same as your witty and hilariously amazing posts!! <3 you, and really hope you return to this page.

    A big fan of your website

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