the list for Puerto Rico & other things

This morning, Vicente del Bosque read out the list for Spain’s upcoming friendly against Puerto Rico in Bayamón on Aug. 15.

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas, Pepe Reina, Víctor Valdés.

Defenders: Álvaro Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Raúl Albiol, Gerard Piqué, Nacho Monreal, Juanfran Torres.

Midfielders: Xabi Alonso, Sergio Busquets, Santi Cazorla, Cesc Fàbregas, Andrés Iniesta, David Silva, Jesús Navas.

Forwards: Pedro Rodríguez, Fernando Llorente, Fernando Torres.

The team will meet up at 10h on Aug. 13 in Barajas’ T4; their flight is scheduled to depart for San Juan at 11h Madrid time, arriving at 13h local time.  The Real Madrid players will join the team in Puerto Rico, as they are already in the United States.  The team will stay at the Ritz Carlton San Juan, and return to Madrid on Aug. 15 at 20:30h local time, arriving back in Spain on the morning of Aug. 16.

¡Nos vemos en Puerto Rico!  (Video here).

VDB said at the subsequent press conference that they had opted not to call up Xavi this time, and that he had spoken to Xavi just yesterday.  He revealed he had also spoken with Carles Puyol, and that they prefer for him to continue getting back into shape with his club.  As for David Villa, VDB said he hasn’t spoken with David but they’re keeping an eye on him.

In other VDB news, German chancellor Angela Merkel was recently answered a questionnaire formulated by famous people in Süddeutsche Zeitung.  Boris Becker asked her who she’d invite to a party, and she responded, “I don’t organize parties but one day I’d like to invite Vicente del Bosque to dinner.”  When questioned about this, VDB responded that he would be happy to have dinner with her.

Other La Roja things from the month after the team won the Eurocopa (it’s just a collection of random things I had saved to the “selección” folder on my exclamation mark-less computer).

Gerard Piqué shared this video of him cutting down the net after the game so that he could have a souvenir from the stadium.  Listen carefully to hear his teammates call him “farándula”!  Speaking of that, Mango once again chose him to front their Fall 2013 line for men, the fourth consecutive season he’s posed for the Spanish firm.  This time around, the photos were shot by Mariano Vivanco.

I also love this photo he shared from his time at Sea World.  In other Piqué news, he has lent his voice to the Catalan version of the animated movie The Pirates!, taking on the role of the Pirate Captain.

If you remember correctly, Andrés Iniesta provided the voice of the Albino Pirate in the Spanish version (out on Aug. 17).  He presented his part of the movie at his bodega, and also found the time to chat with some media outlets.

While speaking to El País, Andrés told the reporter that he wasn’t chosen for the role of Albino Pirate due to his skin color, and that he and the pirate have the same values, as he’s also very loyal to his captain and to the group, and “because he’s also shy.”  We also find out that his cousin is a Real Madrid fan (although he’s happy when Barça wins, for Andrés), and that Andrés loves returning to Fuentealbilla because no one treats him differently there.  And I love this detail: the town named a street after him, and Andrés has a house at number 1 of Andrés Iniesta Street!

While in Fuentealbilla, Andrés was honored by his hometown, and he also traveled to Toledo to be honored by Castilla La Mancha.

Jesús Navas and Alejandra Moral presented their firstborn, Jesús, on July 19, just a few days after his birth.  I hope little Jesús will have his father’s eyes and Sergio Ramos as a godfather!

Little Jesús’ future godfather (fingers crossed) Sergio Ramos shared this photo of him with his Man of the Match award earlier this summer.

During a visit to Puerto Rico in early July (where he promoted the upcoming friendly), Pepe Reina was interviewed by Primera Hora.  He spoke about his role as the showman of the team: “more than a showman, I try to do my work in the locker room, which is to help, to be positive, to ensure that this team is united.  I don’t want people to value me as the showman of the national team, I’m the goalkeeper of the national team.  I’m happy that people consider me fun, but first and foremost I’m a goalkeeper.”  As for his relationship with Iker, Pepe said, “unfortunately for me, I haven’t played very much, but fortunately, it is because I have a phenomenon ahead of me.  As a goalkeeper, he’s a reference in the world.  I consider Iker more of a friend than a teammate.  Our relationship is magnificent.”  Watch a video of Pepe being a tourist in beautiful San Juan here.

David Silva, between afternoons of fishing…

… made the time to film some new promotional ads for his beloved Gran Canaria.  Mogán and Maspalomas were some of the places where the spots were filmed.

Changes in the lower categories: Luis Milla’s contract as coach of the U-21 has not been renewed following the Olympic disaster, nor has the contract of Juan Carlos Martínez, the fitness coach of the team, been renewed.  The U-21 team will be coached by Julen Lopetegui, the current coach of the U-19 team.  The U-21 team’s next two games are on Sept. 6 against Switzerland in Sion and Sept. 10 against Croatia in Alicante.

Speaking of the Olympic disaster, Spain finished the tournament with a dismal record of 0-1-2, and didn’t score a single goal during the tournament.  Part of the failure can be attributed to the team, as they just didn’t seem to connect very well, and part of it to some dubious refereeing decisions.  That’s all the space I’m going to dedicate to those 270 wasted minutes of my life.

To avoid ending on that negative note, here is a photo of Juanín Mata during happier Olympic moments – watching the Spain-France basketball game on Wednesday, and cheering Spain to a win!  And if you haven’t seen it already, check out David de Gea’s video of the opening ceremony!


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  1. Navas’ wife, Alejandra is so beautiful!

  2. I’m so glad this will be the last August friendly. I really think Del Bosque should have left off the PL players. Their season starts three days later and they already haven’t been with their team that long. Plus Silva and Torres have the Community Shield right before.

  3. EEE! i know the euros ended not too long ago but i’m excited to see the boys together again. i have to say it’s pretty weird to see xavi in the official video and then not have him on the team …

    also, this is my first time commenting and i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and time you’ve put into this site. as a canadian, this sort of information and pictures are pretty rare, so i greatly appreciate anything you post.

    also also, i love your sense of humour.

    finally, i have to say i was sad to see that javi lost his (!!!) in your last few posts.

  4. Hi Una, well firstly loved this post. Thank you.

    “That’s all the space I’m going to dedicate to those 270 wasted minutes of my life.” I wanted to ask, do you really sit down to watch every minute of EVERY game that Spain plays? Whether it be intl friendly, or world cup? What about RM games? Do you watch all of the games…even if they’re in different time zones? (Like I’m sure when they were in L.A., Spain must have been on ‘sleeping time’) I know you’re a die hard fan, but if you don’t get your proper rest, don’t you feel like a zombie the next day? :P
    And I liked the pics of Navas’ baby… and what an honor Ineista has- getting a street named after him!

    • Yes, I usually do, although I do prioritize which games I watch (I do draw the line when the games are at strange hours due to being in other time zones, or if they aren’t but are at 22h on a weekday since I do have a job), and I multi-task while watching to make the most of the time.

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