unexpected & disappointing

Spain is out of the Olympics after falling 0-1 to Honduras. Out of all the possible results, this one was the one I least expected. Nevertheless, it’s still been a good summer for Spanish football; we at least have that.


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  1. 100% love for La Roja & La Rojita always and forever.

  2. I haven’t seen either of the games they played, except for a few glimpses of the one against Japan – my mother watched that match, and she said Japan was really good. Assuming you caught both games, what d’you personally think about how they played? Was it complacency, or other factors?

  3. we still love them =) it’s really disappointing, especially after the second half yesterday – I thought they played rather well, enjoyed watching them. just seemed like they carry on the problem of not scoring despite having lots of chances =( good to know there’s so much talent in Spain’s football future though!

  4. They deserved better from that Honduras game

  5. I was really surprised. I mean, I didnt try to sit comfortably on the idea that they would just storm through it, but to not even make it through the first stage?! I really hadnt expected that at all. Teaches me to take it for granted. Sounds like they got terribly frustrated during yesterday’s match. :(

  6. agree with Elisa, 100% love for all the Spanish national futbol teams! sorry to see us out of the summer olympics so soon. but overall the summer has been incredible and i’ve loved every bit of news, comments, and of course una’s recaps! thanks una!!!!

  7. so very, very sad to see. :( but much love for them regardless!

  8. it was a difficult game to watch. But i have to say I felt the same frustrations they were going through – b/c the ref was just incompetent.

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