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The latest on La Rojita!

There has been a lot of controversy and jokes made over the uniforms the Russian firm Bosco has made for the Spanish Olympic Team. Over the past few days, quite a few of our Olympians have posted photos of themselves in the well, quite eye-catching and apparently tribal inspired tracksuits, shirts, ties, shoes, caps and bags. This article by S Moda listed the all-time top 10 worst Olympic fashion disasters, with Spain 2012 unsurprisingly ranked number one.

When I first saw the uniforms, I thought, I can’t wait to see the boys in them for a good laugh! My second thought was, they’re so bad that even our boys wouldn’t be able to make it look good. Well, today I got both things, because Ander posted a photo of Javi in the outfit. Funny and hideous. My poor España.

I wonder if they now regret just a little campaigning so hard to participate in the parade of nations (PF Juan Mata even called the head of the Spanish Olympic Committee to express their desire)? At least they probably won’t have to wear any of the other gear during the rest of the Games, since they have their official Federation clothes by Adidas, which are much more pleasant to look at.

Other news: Spain beat Mexico 1-0 behind a goal from Javi Martínez (the captain on this occasion), who headed in a PF Juan Mata corner, in their second and last preparatory friendly.

During a press conference today, in response to a question about the friendly, Javi (automatically) responded, “it’s important to get the three points…” Jajaja!!!

After the game, the team had dinner together, which served as a goodbye and a thank you for those three players who will be leaving the team: Álvaro Vázquez, Joel Robles and Asier Illarramendi. They received a round of applause from their teammates, and Luis Milla expressed his gratitude towards them for their contributions. Álvaro, Joel and Asier, meanwhile, wished their teammates good luck and told them to bring home the gold.

On Thursday morning, the team flew back to Madrid from Jerez de la Frontera. They’ll continue preparing for the Olympics at Las Rozas over the next few days, before flying to Glasgow on Saturday.

At one point during the trip – it looks like while the team was waiting at the airport – Iker Muniain fell asleep. David de Gea was of course on hand to capture the moment, and even had a few props to embellish the scene.

He then tweeted the photo, writing, “I leave you all with a photo of the biggest sleepyhead on the team! This is how Iker Muniain likes to sleep.” A couple hours later, Iker responded. He wrote, “the hunter becomes the hunted! You’re treading on dangerous ground, monstruo!” I loved David’s response: “it’s okay, pequeño! Koke couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the photo!”

Several of Iker and David’s teammates also re-tweeted David’s tweet featuring this photo. I love the camaraderie! The atmosphere is as great as it is on La Roja!

A few days ago, five of the members of La Rojita spoke on Marca radio’s “Planeta Olímpico” program. Here are some of the gems from their participation. The team hasn’t been able to begin their traditional Play competition, because Iker Muniain forgot to bring the console. So, they’ll have to buy one. According to Ander Herrera, the team doesn’t have an official song: “there are discussions, not everyone likes De Gea’s music.” The candidates are Kiko Rivera’s “Qúitate el top” (which is quite lame, starting with the title – “Take off your top”) and Tacabro’s “Takata” (which is quite catchy).

Adrián López has memories of the gold medal winning 1992 team: “I watched the final and I remember Kiko’s goal.” David de Gea says that if they win the gold medal, he’ll get a tattoo of the medal, and Martín Montoya said he watched the Spain-Italy final at his hotel in the Riviera Maya, where he was on vacation, and where Italians and Spaniards got together and had a great time.

As for the U-19 team, Marca reported that on the plane ride back to Madrid, Nono decided to emulate Pepe Reina, and over the public address system, he proceeded to introduce each of his teammates in the Pepe Reina style. I love that that has become a tradition too!

And “Takata” remains in my head…


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  1. That photo of Javi wearing his Spanish uniform is so funny!!!!! Will Rafa Nadal also have to wear this? Can’t wait to see the Olympic Spanish football team in action.

  2. Wow, that is one ugly uniform.

    Awe such cuteness that La Rojita light are emulating the big boys!

  3. Javi Martinez in the Olympic uniform! Give him a tuba and he can join the marching band in the Opening Ceremonies!

    Hope La Rojita does well at the Olympics!

    Isco is so hot and gorgeous!

  4. Haha maybe these costumes will lead to an ‘all eyes on Spain’ kind of attention during the Games which can’t hurt..

  5. Oh my goodness, I feel as if Javi is about to bust a Saturday Night Fever dance move.

  6. it is a crime that athletes as hot as those in spain have to be paraded around in public in those eyesore uniforms! no bueno! as i said on headbands & heartbreak, they look like a cross between nascar drivers and pizza delivery people. you know the uniforms are ugly when even our boys’ hotness can’t carry them off!

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