it’s a baby Jesús!

Jesús Navas and his wife Alejandra Moral became the proud parents of little Jesús (Jesusito?) on Tuesday.  According to a press release issued by Sevilla, Alejandra gave birth at the USP Sagrado Corazón in Sevilla, and both mother and baby are in perfect condition.  Jesús will only have less than a week to spend fully with his new son, as he is scheduled to report to his club next Monday to begin their pre-season.

I hope Sergio Ramos will be the godfather!  He already congratulated his “brother el pajarito” Jesús via twitter.  And I fully expect to see little Jesús running around with the other kids when Spain wins the 2014 World Cup!


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  1. Yes and can’t wait to see Sergio hold and kiss little Jesus absolutely proudly!

  2. COngrats to the parents.hope the child inherited those stunning eyes of his dad. The child is going to be a heartbreaker.

  3. Congrats Jesus and Alejandra! Oh my, I just picture Sergio as il padrino dressing baby Jesus in green denim pants.

    Also just realized that many of the kids of La Roja under the age of 5 must think it’s natural that every time daddy plays a final, they get to go have some fun on the field after the game!

  4. awwww! Congrats to the Jesus & Alejandra! Glad to hear momma and the baby are doing well.

    Gonna be hard for Jesus to only have one week to spend with but playing in Sevilla is a plus.

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