¡campeones 2012! – the celebration in Madrid (II)

Continuing with the celebration in Madrid…

The goddess was wearing her best Spain finery for this occasion.  I wonder if Xabi was already too drunk at this point to remember how drunk he had been the last time he was here, and how amusing that was for all of us?

At the Plaza de Cibeles.

It was about 21:30h when the team finally arrived at Cibeles.  Álvaro Arbeloa decided once again to stand up on top of the speaker on the bus once it arrived at the destination.  Luckily, the bus was still crawling along at a snail’s pace.

Here’s the scene that greeted the players.  As you can see, the people were lined up all the way to the Puerta de Alcalá!  They had filled all of Alcalá too!  Amazing!

On the way from the bus to the stage, several of the players took the time to speak with TVE.  While Silvia was interviewing Andrés, Sergio and Jesús, Pepe Reina snuck onto the scene and proceeded to pour some beer into the Cup, before Paloma, who was the guardian of the Cup, told him to stop and he retreated.  Jajaja!!!!  And then during the interview, Sergio kept throwing compliments Andrés’ way, and Andrés thanked him with hugs and kisses.

The celebration kicked off with a beer bath, as the players spent quite a few moments spraying each other with beer.  Luckily, Cruzcampo had provided many, many bottles!

Look at that little dance!

And this is unusual behavior from Xabi Alonso – or maybe not, considering that he was wasted – he snatched off Jordi Alba’s hat so that he could pour beer directly on his head.  Judging by the look on his face, it was very enjoyable.

Gerard looked like he was going to stab someone, after he finished pouring beer on them…

… and can you guess who that is on the floor, who that is on top of him, and who decided to go pour beer on the two of them?  The answers are Santi Cazorla, Xabi Alonso (who had made a flying leap from the risers to land on Santi), and Álvaro Arbeloa.

Sergio then took to the microphone – huevos seemed to be his word of the night – and a little argument ensued between him and Pepe over who loves the other more.

Estopa came out to perform the official Spain anthem of the tournament, “Showtime 2.0,” and some of the players, including Álvaro Arbeloa, Pepe Reina, Sergio Ramos, Santi Cazorla, Javi Martínez and even Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta (well, they are his favorite group), joined in for the chorus.

Love the effort the boys put in!

Then David Bisbal came out with Cali & El Dandee to perform the Telecinco song for the tournament, “No hay dos sin tres” (which is quite catchy in my opinion and much improved over that painful “Wavin’ Flag” song).  The song got more players on their feet, as it was a lot more upbeat than the Estopa song, and they also joined in by singing and dancing.

The Pepe Reina Show was next, and once that was over, the boys started dancing again.

There was also this cute moment between Iker and Sara.  Sara was working at the tent of Mediaset, which was located at the other side of the city hall.  Apparently, she kept sending Iker text messages, and so he kept looking for her.

At first he couldn’t find her, and so he kept looking while she kept waving.  Finally, they found each other and she blew him a kiss.  Watch the full Punto Pelota video here.  Earlier, the Mediaset presenters had been talking about how all the players’ kids had participated in the celebration in Kiev, and Juanma Castaño had remarked, “I’m sure that those players who don’t have children made some yesterday” and Sara came back with, “I hope not.”

By the way, Vicente del Bosque only got up on the stage briefly, and even then, he stood to the side, as he then headed to the team bus (the regular coach, not the open air bus) soon after the team arrived at Cibeles.

The dinner.

Following all the revelry at Cibeles, the team and their families went to dinner at Oh Cabaret (the former Buddha del Mar).  Some of the players changed, while others remained in their La Roja wear.  Javi sported a cheesy lipstick mark on his cheek, and his girlfriend seemed to have taken the “cabaret” theme to heart, no?

Carlota and Álvaro shared a photo from the dinner (I love how she’s in yellow to complement Álvaro in red!)…

… while another Carlota, Carlota Fàbregas, posed with her brother and the trophy and shared the photo as well!

And that’s the end of the 2012 Eurocopa!


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  1. Great pictures! I have to say,I liked the Wavin Flag song! It felt like Canada had a small part in the World Cup, and now when I hear it, it still brings back those great memories.

  2. AMAZING night!!! And good to see Xabi drunk! AGAIN! Jajaja.

  3. NOOOOO! Not the end! I can never get tired of watching all the antics and I’m sure even more incriminating pictures will continue to surface! I want to thank you so much for taking the time to post all of this, you’re a wonderful person! I have been eagerly working my way through your archives since discovering your site, Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  4. OMG I <3 these fotos. The love fest between Xabi and Santi was soo cute. The boys really had fun with the botelon fiesta. Silva and Andrescito and that tongue, was he a KISS fan lol. I loved the dancing too Cescy and then Santi & Sergio were fabulous. On the bus Arbie really looked like Superman, a super hero for sure. Every time I see these fotos, it makes me so happy. Gracias Una.

  5. So much fun drunkenness!wow xabi! Thanks again una!

  6. many congratulations to Spain again! Thanks Una for all the pics and gifs u made. loved all of them. :) now u can enjoy ur summer

  7. Thanks a lot for capturing all those moments! Love this legendary team!:D

  8. i love my drunken, silly, happy, dancing, singing, laughing, goofy boys SO much. :) :) :)

  9. Can’t believe the Eurocopa is finished! It feelsl like just yesterday I was counting down the days until it started, or worrying about if Del Bosque was going to call up Torres and El Chori, or, later, if he was going to continue to use a false nine.

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve put in Una, I hope you had a great time celebrating this victory!

  10. Great coverage. Great end. Great Team. Thanks Una for sharing it with us.

  11. Una, please translate the Campeones la roja movie to english. I specially want to know what Luis Aragones was saying to the boys! Muchas gracias!

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