in demand – Eurocopa edition

La Roja has many sponsors, and they’re allowed to “use” the players for their advertisements and spots.  Here’s a look at some of them that have been published or aired during this Eurocopa.


The Spanish beer company filmed a great little ad with five of our boys, but the highlight has to be the fantastic time they had shooting the video.  We can see how fun it was, and we get a glimpse of Sergio and Xabi’s party tricks!  They’d be super fun and interesting guests, no?

This is the spot…

… and here is the making of video.  Warning: you will ache for Sergio’s long hair after watching this.

In these Cruzcampo ads, the fans ask the team not to change at all.  What does change are the players used in each of the ads.


Vamos Vamos España!  Brooksfield’s ad is simply the photo that was taken on the day La Roja left Spain for Poland, when they were all wearing their new suits and looking great.


Mobile phone service provider Movistar produced this cute ad, where our boys – Iker, Fernando Llorente, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Jesús Navas – call up regular people from all over Spain for the team, because “everyone shares the same dream” and “life is more when it’s shared.”

Here are some of the print ads.


Spanish energy company CEPSA produced these ads, saying history could be in the making if Spain wins this Eurocopa, as it will become the first country to win three consecutive big titles, and putting Andrés Iniesta’s shirt or Xabi Alonso’s boots next to historical artifacts.


This is one of the more simpler ads, and it looks like they tweaked the color of Iker’s jersey, no?


This one, like the one above, is not very exciting.  However, do you remember the days when Iker had a deal with Continental?


Fernando Torres is the star of new Gatorade’s ad campaign.


Iker just started endorsing Hyundai again this year (here’s his previous effort), although I don’t think we’ll ever see him drive a car from that brand.

According to this Hyundai spot, Iker has special powers (I’ve always thought of him as a superhero) and can stop anything, with a gesture, with a glance… except the Hyundai ix35.  Iker says at the end, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”


Here’s the print ad…

… the spot…

… and the making of video.

The parts with the regular people were shot in Asturias and País Vasco.


The insurance company features Vicente del Bosque in its ads.  He’s a great spokesperson for insurance, no?  I say that because he appears to be so dependable and he always comes through.

Bodega Iniesta.

Andrés Iniesta recently teamed up with Marca to sell his Bodega Iniesta wines.  The pack, which goes for 30 euros, consists of a bottle of red wine and another of white wine.  They’re called 116, in honor of the 116th minute, and so you’re invited to “taste the minute that made history” and “relive with Iniesta the taste of triumph.”

Gran Canaria.

David Silva is featured in a tourism campaign for his native Canary Islands.  Does he come included in the tour package?

Hugo Boss.

Xabi is one of several footballers to form part of Hugo Boss’ “Success Beyond the Game” campaign for its fragrances.

I love the untied bowtie!


This isn’t an endorsement deal, but I love the idea.  Chocoprint, a chocolate store in Valencia, created these chocolates with the images of the players on them, plus Vicente del Bosque.  Chocolatier Rafael Sanchís explains that he was inspired by the Eurocopa, and so he wanted to make some commemorative chocolates, and in this way honor the team.  There are eight flavors in the box of 25 chocolates (23 players, VDB and one of the escudo): pistachio, macadamia, tiramisu…  And when Spain wins, there are special chocolate cigars to celebrate with!

Overall, Iker, Xavi, Iniesta and Torres appear in the most number of ads, which is no surprise, with Llorente not far behind.  Pepe Reina, Cazorla, Cesc and Pedro are the most unpopular players, at least in this sense.


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  1. I really like the ads where they are a team in action, the header or the kick or strike. Fabulous really. Poor Cesc he used to do tons of ads when he played in England. Damn the Canary Islands tourism ad is beautiful.

  2. Silva’s Gran Canaria campaign has been going since he was at Valencia.

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