¡Campeones de Europa otra vez!

Mission accomplished!  History made!  ¡Felicidades España! 


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  1. Congrats to all of them. They played amazingly. Truly they r the best. I hope u can have a good celebration too.

  2. Campeones campeones ole ole ole!! :) La Roja is beyond amazing!! El Capitan was incredible!!

  3. Una, I usually only read your Madrid blog, but I watched today’s match and I wanted to congratulate you! Thanks for working hard to bring us all the best news and details! I hope you’re celebrating a lot (hah, I’m positive you are!) you deserve it!


  4. Viva España!! European Champions 2012!! Historic win!
    Campeones, Campones, Oé, Oé, Oé!!

  5. THE BEST MATCH EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I have to finish work earlier tomorrow because I plan to follow the celebrations in the internet for the whole afternoon;-)


    Last but not least: thank you UnaMadridista for your AMAZING work on this blog. It might sound trivial and hype and I am not a person of big words, but I will remember it forever. As a lifetime football fan,I really appreciate that I could witness this historic series of Spain’s NT victories and the last two ones, the World Cup and this one, were accompanied by this blog (as the main source of information and fun) It will always be a part of my memories that in those times I read it. I really appreciate your effort in preparing all the posts, GRACIAS anD BESOS and ABRAZOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. crying and drunk and hysterical and giddy and laughing and excited and dizzy and elated right now!!!!! i can’t believe it! (well, i totally can, but i’m in shock!)

  7. lets party everybody!!! i still cant believe how easy was that, but i’m very satisfied we’re really well-prepared..what a perfect,splendid,superb (okay,running out of words) display from spanish football.. they did make me hunger for more though.. ;)
    looking forward for your precious celebration posts, una..felicidades!! ^^

  8. Do you know the celebration schedule for tomorrow ? And thank you for this amazing blog !!!

  9. Felicitaciones La Roja!!!! que partido impresionante! I am thouroughly surprised, I must say, that was just awesome.
    Enhorabuena España!




  11. And Una, I hope you already saw the almost-naked Iker pics he posted over on facebook!!!!! Hahahahaha. I hope you’re still breathing. ;)

  12. Una! Will you be posting here for the Olympics as well :)? Congratulations to all Spain fans for the victory!! I haven’t been this happy since Real Madrid won la liga this year :D

  13. ¡Felicidades España! Campeones Campeones Campeones Campeones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The morning after the day before: I am checking the photos from last night’s celebration. They rock the world. I have no idea how to choose the best one so I will not and will prepare the special folder on my computer where I will save them all;-)))


  15. Do you know the the spanish team will arrive in Madrid today? thanks

  16. España!!! Congratulations! Enhorabuena! Felicidades!

    So happy to be continuing being spoiled of not reading a una post of the boys’ loss.

    What a game, what a tournament! Can’t wait for the pic and your take and Spain celebration pix.

    So happy for vdb and the boys! Quelling all the myths of Barcelona and real Madrid players not getting along, pique – Ramos, tiki taka boringness, strikerless formations, and Fernando Torres! Congratulations on making history!

  17. Very impressive win! congratulations to you, Una, and all those who support la roja :D

    so happy right now!

  18. Thanks for all the translations una and making us feel one with the boys! Your hard work is appreciated. Enjoy every moment of it!!

  19. Campeones!! What a fantastic match and a wonderful team!!! They so deserved to win and make history. And I was so happy when Fernando scored his goal!!

    Thank you Una for all your hard work, it makes following the Spanish team even more exciting and helps to feel closer to the players knowing what they are doing and all the great/funny interviews they do.

    Viva Espana!!!

  20. A truly amazing win, I am so happy! I cannot wait to read all of your celebration posts, I really appreciate all of your posts!!!
    Campeones :)

  21. Gracias for such great coverage Una! I hope you had a great time celebrating!

    Can you imagine that there were impromptu street parties celebrating Spain’s victory all the way here in Canada? So very proud of La Roja and the effect they’re having on football fans all over the world :’)

  22. congratulations to spain! what an unprecedented achievement.

    from a team of rivals (borrowed from a book on the genius of lincoln) to a team of humble professionals and finally, to what i see as a team of brothers (seems like they share a dna on how they play and seem to intuitively know where the other is), the players seemingly have left their egos at their respective stadiums to work for a common goal.

    the spanish football team is a credit to your country for not only this achievement but for the integrity with which they play the game.

    and then the classicos come again….

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