to the final!

I really thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest during the penalties!  But it was worth it, because we’re through to the final and our chance to make history is still intact!

Who would you like to see Spain play in the final, Italy or Germany?


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  1. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. But with San iker and when cesc took the last pk to win reminescent of 2008, I knew we were going through.

    As for who, does not matter as long as we beat them! Because I don’t want to experience an una post describing tears of defeat instead of tears of joy. I want history to be made and the party to keep going.

  2. Germany! And we win again!

  3. I am fairly certain my blood pressure is still at an elevated rate! Would rather play Italy based on their overall form, but I feel we will be seeing the Germans in the final. España! España! España!

  4. Una we want more highlights por favor! I really don’t care who, I just want whomever we can beat!! A Por Ellos!

  5. To be honest, I was feeling the same wy. There was a lot of frusration! And regarding your question, I personally woud like to see Italy play against Spain.

    (Note: Is it me, or is there something unusual or coincidental about the fact that before or during these tournaments, Spanish players – not necessarily for the national team – have died, namely Antonio Puerta, Dani Jarque, and now, Miki Roque?)

  6. Congrats to Spain. They have really shown the world they’re the greatest! I don’t care who they play in the finals I just wanna see a good game. (Una I’m sure u’re ecstatic in this past 24 hrs, you should really enjoy this time too)

  7. Italy. An all cute-guy-final.

  8. Wow, if it’s Italy, I hope we can beat our curse of not beating them!

  9. Italy it is and I am already sure that I will be more than nervous (Italy played great against Germany). Plus Iker and Gigi, duo of two best legendary goalkeepers of our time! Football fan in me is happy about the final duo, but part of me is really really nervous! I hope Spain plays brilliantly!
    (and please, no penalties!)

  10. I think it’s going to be really really tough for Spain in the final. I hope they learned their lesson from the first match against Italy. Fingers crossed!!!

  11. When will you upload match against the Portugal? :) We r waiting that..

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