three and a half minutes with… Iker Casillas!

It wouldn’t surprise me if Iker Casillas conceded to do the questionnaire just so he could answer the question about twitter (number 34).  And how does Luis Martín expect everyone else to know how much Iker weighed when he was born, if Iker himself does not know?  Plus, I liked the way the Q&A ended, with Iker’s quip.

1.  What makes you angry?  Injustices. 

2. How much are chickens these days?  I don’t know.  I usually buy chicken breast, not chicken by the kilo.

3.  Do you have good handwriting?  Yes.

4.  Do you like croquetasYes, ones made from ham.

5.  How many goals has Villa scored for Spain?  51.

6.  Where is the Antiguo neighborhood?  It’s Xabi Alonso’s neighborhood.  It’s in San Sebastián.

7.  Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  No, not yet.

8.  What position did Mata’s father play?  As a right winger.

9.  What is the purpose of a crankshaft?  It’s part of a car, no?

10.  Why does the government rescue banks and forget people?  Because people depend on the banks.

11.  How many games did Toni Grande play with the national team?  One… or none.

12.  How often does Del Bosque touch up his mustache?  He takes good care of it.

13.  What team did Lato play for?  He was Yugoslavian?

14.  Where is Auschwitz?  In Poland. 

15.  What do Poland and Cataluña have in common?  Cut the crap!  I would say the program Crackòvia and the city of Kraków. 

16.  Who is Lech Walesa?  Someone who did something impressive and important.

17.  How much do you spend on gas a month?  200 euros.

18.  Where do you like to go on vacation?  To my pueblo, Navalacruz, in Ávila.

19.  What team does the writer Martínez de Pisón support?  Zaragoza.

20.  When was the last time you took a private plane?  To go to the Príncipe de Asturias awards. 

21.  Who was BelausteHe played with the national team and with Athletic.

22.  How did Negredo get that scar on his headHis head hit Iraola’s.

23.  What does it mean to pull a Karanka?  To score a goal… how would I know!

24.  How much did Iker Casillas weigh when he was born?  Three kilos and 600 grams.  How would I know!  Ask my mother.

25.  What is the name of Mazinger Z’s girlfriend?  Afrodita. 

26.  How many of Liverpool’s supporters died in Hillsborough in 1989?  A thousand.

27.  What is the secret of La Roja?  La pimienta. 

28.  Where do you go to have a beer?  In La Tabernita, in La Lonja… in many places.

29.  What did Pedro Picapiedra (Fred Flintstone) work as?  He worked with a dinosaur, taking out stones from a quarry.

30.  Why do footballers spit so much during games?  It’s due to the tension. 

31.  Who killed the solider PileckiNapoleon.

32.  What is your favorite type of candy?  Gummy sharks.

33.  What is the name of Son Goku’s son?  Son Goanda.

34.  What is the purpose of twitter?  To cowardly criticize people.

35. What happened with your controversy with Iñaki Gabilondo?  We stopped talking to each other.


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  1. Gummy sharks?? Love it lolol

  2. wooooooow the end of waiting
    superr el capitan

  3. Awe Flintstone took his dinosaur. Ha ha, he asks to ask his mother how much he weighed!

  4. jajajjaa I love his answer about Crackovia, Karanka and his mother. Well he sure knows a lot about Fred Flinstone too :p

  5. in spain, son gohan is son goanda?

    also, iker is funny.

  6. HA! loved his answers!

  7. awww, i love that he loves gummy sharks. he is such a sweetheart :)

  8. Iker could give a better answer for the twitter thing. But, of course, he is all hurt for the “Gracias Sara” issue.

    I have a question: Sergio also made this questionnaire right? (some time ago).

    Was in the same interview that he said that when he is on doubt he always chose the busty girl.
    I’m right(?) is the same interview?

  9. Una!! We’re on to the finals I’m soooo happy!! :)

  10. Ha! I love Iker. What a game today!!! I can imagine you are just beaming. Have a great week and we will see how the big game goes on Sunday! I can’t wait. What team would you rather the boys face, Italy or Germany? I really think we can break down both Italy and Germany’s defense, it’s Germany’s offense that I am scared of. And What a Month SR has Been Having. I hear so much praise for the great work that he’s been doing. Ian Darke wanted to talk today about Serhio’s 14 red cards w/RM. I wish he would stop with that. SR has had a great season at home and his maturity is starting to flesh out during this particular tournament. He’s been solid, with only a few mistakes. I will take that any day. Just need the front line to find a way to get the ball between and around all of those legs in between them and the goal.
    Vamos La Roja!!! TOMA!!!

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