day 32 – the Iker circus

June 21, 2012.

Iker was made available to the media on Thursday, and everyone wanted a piece of him.  However, he just wanted a piece of “El Larguero” presenter José Ramón de la Morena, because when he asked Iker if a journalist would receive a kiss if Spain wins, Iker responded, “I’ll give you a kiss, I assure you that if we win, I’ll go look for you and give you a big kiss on the lips.”  Jajaja!!!!

And later on, Iker had to escape from the window (it wasn’t the first time he’s done that in Gniewino) because he was late for lunch!

The training session.

The players spent the morning undergoing anthropometric tests; the medical team’s objective is to monitor the changes produced in the bodies of the players after the training sessions.  By figuring out what type of physique each one has and what they need to eat to conserve that, they can measure the effects of the exercises on the players, prevent injuries and optimize the training sessions.  There was also a stretching session with music in the morning, and a closed training session in the afternoon.

The press conference.

Javi Martínez (!!!) and Juanfran Torres spoke to the press, with Iker and Pedro also made available to the media.  Javi (!!!) drove again!  He loves doing that, doesn’t he?

JM on playing with Iniesta and his own role: I have the privilege of playing alongside Iniesta, a real crack and I learn a lot during the training sessions and games.  Each one knows what his role is, and we try to be prepared.  The 20-plus minutes I was able to play against Ireland were a gift.  Being among the 23 players chosen for this tournament is already something huge for me.

JT on Álvaro Arbeloa: Álvaro has performed well, as he did during the entire year with Real Madrid.  He’s a teammate that I hold in high regard and I’m always going to defend him to the death.  What others say shouldn’t matter to him.    He knows that I’m with him, that the entire team is with him and that the coach has a lot of confidence in him.  I respect the míster and Álvaro.  I can only wait for my moment.

The best question was asked by a Polish journalist who wanted to know if they had visited Gdansk and if the paparazzi had followed them around.  Javi (!!!) responded, “no, not us” to much laughter.

Later on, Juanfran told COPE that even though he’s the DJ in the locker room of his club, he can’t touch the iPod in La Roja’s locker room, because that’s the domain of Sergio Ramos.  He said he hopes he’ll get to choose the music one day, because that will mean that he’ll be a regular with La Roja.  Anyway, I think that if they play a Michael Jackson song, both Sergio and Juanfran will be happy, and probably Álvaro Arbeloa as well!

Meanwhile, Javi (!!!) spoke to Cuatro and revealed that his siestas last between 15 minutes and 2.5 hours!  As for the free time in the concentración, he spends it playing Play (basketball against his friends via Internet or against the computer; he plays as the Celtics) and ping pong.  Prior to the Cuatro interview, Javi (!!!) had done six interviews, and he joked that he had been asked about los guiñoles seven times (Iker was also asked so many times about them).  The presenters also insisted on asking him who he gets along better with, the Madrid or Barcelona players, and Javi (!!!) falls into their trap and answers the Barça players, saying he does spend a lot of time with “Busi and Llorente, of course, Valdés, Jordi Alba, Xavi…”  And he just keeps going on until they stop him, at which point he goes, “what journalism…”

Más cositas.

On Thursday, Iker spoke to La Sexta, Onda Cero, Ser, As, COPE, TVE and many more outlets.  It reminded me of the scene in Notting Hill (since that’s his favorite movie and also mine) where Hugh Grant is going around pretending to be a journalist from “Horse and Hound,” except this time, Iker was doing all the moving around.

In COPE’s little room, Iker was asked about Zidane’s statement that Iniesta would be good even as a goalkeeper.  Iker’s response: “I don’t agree with Zizou (laughs).  We can’t ask any more from Andrés, he’s already marvelous.  And I’m not going to speak anymore with Zizou.”  Jajajaja!!

There was also the interview ending, 60-second test.  Would you be capable of explaining to us what is the risk premium in 10 seconds?  It’s the debt that a country has with respect to the strongest economy, which is Germany right now.  It’s up to you to take the last penalty in the final, who is the last person you think of?  ¡Puf!  Pepe Reina, who always prepares me for penalties.  If the king comes into the locker room after you win the title, who would tell the joke about the elephant?  No one, I think he’d do it himself.  It’s not normal to sell an image of perfection because no one is perfect.”  Who said this and about whom was it said?  Paco González… about Manolo Lama (they’re presenters on the program).  When you have doubts, you… ¡Puf!  That’s a saying that I’m not going to complete!  Why are football players always seen on television spitting on the field after missing a goal?  Because someone has to pay.  What country was the current pope born in?  Austria, Poland? Ehhh…  Could this be one of the three worst interviews you’ve ever done?  No.  It’s the worst by a large margin.

I adore witty Iker!

And according to El País, Xabi is reading Decisive Moments in History by Stefan Zweig (as Xabi himself said), while two copies of Ander Izagirre’s Plomo en los bosillos are circulating around the hotel.  Andrés Iniesta has brought a book about children’s education with him to Poland, while Javi (!!!) is reading something by Ken Follett.  PF Juan Mata is reading David Trueba’s Saber perder, which Pedro recommended to him.  Piqué is pouring over the draft of the sequel to his father’s novel, Dos vidas.  And Xavi is of course reading something sports-related: Santiago Segurola’s Héroes de nuestro tiempo.

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  1. Hahaha, I hope Iker will deliver on his promise to that presenter!

  2. I loved all the witty Iker comments!

  3. Jajaja!! Love the Iker jumping out of the window background info. I saw that picture he posted and wondered what that was all about. I LOVE all this information you share on La Roja una!! — just have to keep thanking you! :o)

  4. Funny guys are funny!

    Iker is adorable as always, so is Javi (!!!)

    I cannot wait to today’s game against France, the most exciting Spain game in this tournament for me!

  5. He is gorgeous and always so nice!!!
    After seeing these pictures, I got a question: is it just me or sometimes it seems that he is not balding anymore?!

  6. he’s so cute (and adorable). and i love that he’s one of a very few of them who actually COULD explain the risk premium question! smart iker!

  7. How adorable is it that Andres is reading about children’s education?! Tell me he doesn’t love that little girl of his?! <3

    oooohhh I wonder if the book Javi(!!!) is reading is "The Winter of The World"? It just came out in 2012. I love Follett…am going to have to make a trip to the library ASAP! lol

    'It’s not normal to sell an image of perfection because no one is perfect.” Who said this and about whom was it said?' I wonder if Mou will be hurt that so far only Arbeloa had the right answer? O.o

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