three and a half minutes with… Fernando Llorente

Floris was the next one to be interviewed in this series.  He’s tall, nice, handsome, receives bread with a smile and gives amusing answers, what’s not to like?

1.  What makes you angry?  Are we starting already?  These types of questionnaires! 

2. How much are chickens these days?  I don’t usually do the shopping, to tell you the truth.

3.  Do you have good handwriting?  I believe so.

4.  Do you like croquetasYes, those that my mother makes, the homemade kind.

5.  Does your cousin carry a risk (a play on words on the phrase “prima de riesgo” – risk premium – since “prima” also means female cousin)?  No.

6.  Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?  It’s instinctive.

7.  How many goals has Villa scored for Spain?  51, no?

8.  Where is the Antiguo neighborhood?  In Donosti.

9.  Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  No. 

10.  What position did Mata’s father play?  As a left winger.

11.  What is the purpose of a crankshaft?  For raising storks (crankshaft = cigüeñal, stork = cigüeña).

12.  Why does the government rescue banks and forget people?  Buff, I have no idea about political issues. 

13.  How many games did Toni Grande play with the national team?  I have no idea.

14.  How often does Del Bosque touch up his mustache?  I’m not the one in control of Del Bosque’s mustache.

15.  Who gave Belén Esteban that nose?  How would I know?

16.  Where is Auschwitz?  In Germany.  No, in Poland.

17.  How much do you spend on gas a month?  400 euros, more or less.

18.  Where do you like to go on vacation?  To a tranquil place, one without questionnaires.

19.  What team does the writer Martínez de Pisón support?  I’m sure it’s Madrid or Barça…

20.  When was the last time you took a private plane?  One year, one year and a half ago, or something like that. 

21.  Who was BelausteThat name sounds familiar… wait… he played for Athletic and the national team, I believe.

22.  How did Negredo get that scar on his headAgainst Athletic, with Iraola.

23.  What is a flanker?  A weapon?

24.  What does it mean to pull a Karanka?  I have no idea!

25.  How much did Iker Casillas weigh when he was born?  The normal weight, 3.800 kilos.

26.  What is the name of Mazinger Z’s girlfriend?  Afrodita. 

27.  How many of Liverpool’s supporters died in Hillsborough in 1989?  78.

28.  What is the secret of La Roja?  The team is in tune with each other and has great players. 

29.  Where do you go to have a beer?  In el Alboca.

30.  What did Pedro Picapiedra (Fred Flintstone) work as?  He worked with stones.

31.  Why do footballers spit so much during games?  Due to the effort. 

32.  Who killed the solider PileckiPrivate Ryan.

33.  What is your favorite fruit pastilles flavor?  I like all of them.

34.  What is the purpose of twitter?  To express what you want to.

35. What happened with your controversy with Iñaki Gabilondo (this is a question posed by a humorist many years ago; Gabilondo is a journalist and anchor)?  What?  I have no idea.  I know who he is but I don’t know what controversy there was.

By the way, this post has been updated with the Q&A Jorge Pérez (general director of the RFEF) did.  I’m letting you know here because I used a picture of Jorge with Fernando Llorente.


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  1. I love that he is an expert in all things Athletic!!!

  2. fernando seems angry! and rude!

  3. The only thing I notice with all these that annoys me is how out of touch all the footballers are with the problems in their country. That they pay so little attention to politics makes me angry. How can you not be concerned with what happens to the people in your own country. maybe because they make so much money that they are out of touch with reality..sad really..

    • unamadridista

      It could also be that whenever they speak about politics, they’re criticized (i.e. what does a footballer know about _______). At least that’s how the Spanish press is with them.

  4. i could look at llorente for days <3

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